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Subject What Ever Happened To The Beck Mickle Hydro Generator?
Poster Handle Nothing is true
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[link to www.homebrewpower.co.uk]

What Ever Happened To The Beck Mickle Hydro Generator?

'Some of my readers may remember the emergence of a wonderful prototype Micro Hydro Electricity Generator, devised by Scottish inventors Ian Gilmartin & Robert Cattley. Now the unit claimed to be a Low Head Micro Hydro Electricity Generator that could capture energy from a stream with a head as low as 8". The unit was made of recycled plastics, some say plastic cups.

Now since 2005 when the claims were made, the company has since disappeared from the face of the planet.

I would like to know what became of the Beck Mickle Micro Hydro Generator. Does anyone know Mr. Ian Gilmartin or Mr. Robert Cattley? I have tried to contact all the people who were involved in the research and funding of the project and all have since lost touch with them.

Rumor has it that some American investors were sniffing around the concept, does anyone know if the invention was ever commercialized and even more so, does anyone know how the unit worked? Schematics or pictures would be of great interest. I would like to possible try and recreate the unit and see what (If anything) it can generate.'

More links at end of article.
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