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Iran boosts Qods shock troops in Venezuela

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United States
04/28/2010 10:36 AM
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Iran boosts Qods shock troops in Venezuela
Iran is increasing its paramilitary Qods force operatives in Venezuela while covertly continuing supplies of weapons and explosives to Taliban and other insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to the Pentagon's first report to Congress on Tehran's military.

[link to www.washingtontimes.com]

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Tuesday accused Colombia of aiding the U.S. to commit "electronic warfare", by allowing a North Amercian military aircraft to take off from a Colombian base, and fly over the border between the neighboring Andean nations, reports Terra.

[link to colombiareports.com]

(CBS/AP) President Hugo Chavez rebuffed a Pentagon report that found that an elite unit from Iran's Revolutionary Guard has a presence in Venezuela, warning that the United States could be looking for an excuse to attack his country.

[link to www.cbsnews.com]
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