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Message Subject If you met a Rothschild on the street... What would you say?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I would say that the R person, as well as their Faction A
Kingdom are weighed in the balances and found wanting. Then I would say that their Faction A Kingdom is now divided and given over to the rule and reign of their Faction B & C Kingdom rivals and blood enemies, who now are the powers that be, rather than the powers that were and who never will be again, such as the House of Rothschild, which has no sound foundations, is built upon the sand and can no longer stand. Factions B & C now are backed, supported and empowered by Lucifer to really look good and positive by finishing off the Rothschilds and their Faction A Kingdom totally and absolutely and replacing them for a short season that still remains to those of any of Lucifer's Illuminati Kingdom Factions, which are like rival, enemy Mafia Family Factions. Treachery, disloyalty and betrayal is all they can expect from the nature and character of Lucifer and their rival family bloodline Kenite Illuminists. When you are no longer useful to Lucifer and have become expendable liabilities to him, he hangs you out to dry and leaves you twisting in the hot searing winds of adversity and destruction until you are seen and heard from no more !!!

lay down the crack pipe bro and have another try
 Quoting: TooEasyForTheElites 956880

Go have a lobotomy and give it another try, though I seriously doubt that would help. I can see why Australia
has been used as one of their main labs. It's filthy will
their moron shills such as yourself !!!
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