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Message Subject Question: Is Art Bell worth listening to anymore or is it just illuminati...
Poster Handle DrPostman
Post Content
I stopped listening in the late 90s after being
a fan for several years. I used to love the show
when he would let the callers run the discussion.
Then he slowly but surely started turning the
weekly show into Dreamland. His constant parade
of con artists like Robert Franzone(Ghostwolf)
and Ed Dames coupled with his agreeing with a
caller one night who suggested that El Nino might
be caused by nuke weapons tests in the 50s and
60s made my brain hurt. Then there are the on air
admissions of lighting the wrong end of a smoke,
stepping off a porch that wasn´t there, and the
night he offered the suggestion that lighting farts
causes spontaneous human combustion. It was
all too much for me. Lets not get into all the

end and always will be
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