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Message Subject Question: Is Art Bell worth listening to anymore or is it just illuminati...
Poster Handle marlio
Post Content
I was very mystified why I couldn't seem to find art bells Dark Matter on xm radio any longer, and in its place was Coast to Coast, which I have almost ceased to listen to. There is no other Talk show host, who brings things to life at night as does Art. Sure, he gets cranky when the cheap cell phones get static and start losing their connection as does skype. Day talk show hosts almost hang up on these type of callers and they usually only take calls from ground phones.

Im getting about fed up with XM sirius as it is. I liked Ground Zero and then they quit carrying it, and now it Dark Matters. I don't know why everyone has to be so bull headed and why this show cant be streamed live on am as, coast to coast was and STILL IS!!! I mainly only listen to xm radio at night, when I am in bed, and relaxed, but could not stream it live if I wanted to, and could not listen to it on the computer, or download anything, unless I bought an xm subscription. I think it is grossly unfair that Coast to Coast can stream, when Dark Matters CAN'T!! Art always had a large listener base, and I;m sure coast to coast success is still largely based, on the listeners art bell had, without xm radio. Seems the content on xm radio is being dwindled slowly every month or so, to the extent I will cancel it, if any more changes are made to the talk radio section.

Bring back art bell, hes' the most successful talk show host in the history of the ufo, time travel, mysteries, pyramids, genre of talk radio EVER, including Coast to Coast. You are spitting your nose to cut your face, or ever what that saying is. I just cannot believe xm radio is making such a huge problem of streaming this show through am. You would have a much larger listener base, and I;m sure people would subscribe to it, if they wanted to download shows or chat. If it's about money you will bring him back, if its not, you are being very vicious, using no common sense, dont know this genre market, and are going to lose your market share, because coast to coast is yesterdays news, compared to Dark Matters. And when you do, make sure it has a stronger radio signal so cell phones wont lose their connection, or someway they can call in free on a ground phone. I can bet 10 to 1 the market manager of xm sirius is a MAN!!! RIGHT??? That's why nothing is getting done, because you are making it TOO COMPLICATED and are most likely not being agreeable but STUBBORN!! Remember money is the root of all evil and you cant take it with you!!! Although I imagine art would more than generate his worth with people who would subscribe to radio site. But people have long memories concerning the way individuals treat each other!! I think YOU have more to lose than ART does and with the direction Coast has taken since Art left, I doubt it will even exist in 6 years!!! But Dark Matters would or whatever it is named!!! And art is not too old, he's only 65 or something and since I am aroudn that age myself, I can say thats young. In fact, I began a new venture, taking ballet lessons. Old is only old, if you have one foot in the grave and art doesn't!!! He loves broadcasting and does it because he enjoys it, NOT for the money necessarily!!! Do you ENJOY doing what YOU DO!!! Making lengthy decisions and disappointing people!!! NO!! So take action immediately and Bring ARt Back!!!
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