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Petrol Bomb Attack At Greek May Day Protest

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United States
05/01/2010 10:12 AM
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Petrol Bomb Attack At Greek May Day Protest
Pete Norman, Sky News Online
Demonstrators attacked police officers with a petrol bomb and set fire to vehicles in violent confrontations on the streets of Athens during a May Day protest.

Officers in riot gear retaliated with batons before quickly backing off after each repeated wave of attacks.

As tension escalated, officers began firing tear gas at protesters who covered their faces with scarves while others dodged petrol bombs.

A Greek national TV was also set on fire by rioters.

Meanwhile in Thessaloniki, in the north of the country, police have been firing tear gas at demonstrators attacking banks and businesses.

Sky News' Europe correspondent Alex Rossi, who is in Greece, said: "We were expecting it to turn a bit ugly - and it has."

The face-offs come amid May Day protests in the Greek capital that started with peaceful marches when people gathered for a rally at the central Syntagma square.

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[link to news.sky.com]