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Storm Abatement - Dallas: Right now

User ID: 960100
United States
05/03/2010 04:24 PM
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Storm Abatement - Dallas: Right now
No matter how many shills or whomever, officials, naysayers et al ... there is full-scale weather manipulation taking place in the United States (and it may not yet be a perfected science).

Look now at this radar animated for the DFW region of Texas and the storm line moving in from west:

[link to weather.msn.com]

As it shows the line of storms to be moving in towards west side of Ft Worth, there is suddenly a noticeable "bite" that is suddenly taken out of the line as it starts moving into Parker County which is the county just west of Tarrant County (home of Ft Worth) and the facilities of the Naval Joint Reserve Base & Lockheed Martin Aircraft Plant are both just about 10 miles or less from the Tarrant-Parker border on western edge of DFW. Be mindful that both of those have millons or billions of $$$ in fighter aircraft sitting out on the flight line & some under repair so can't just take off to avoid the storms.

Directly overhead in past hour in same region near the facilities has been a large anvil overhang type cloud structure with numerous mammatus formations hanging heavy from underside ( = those puffy pillow looking bumps often seen before severe storms hit & ususually indicative of hail forming in the updraft of the towering cumulus with cold temps aloft, etc)

This morning early news warned there would be 'weird weather situation' that might develop in this region sometime around 2 PM - 6 PM today due to very small but tight Low Pressure system that was in high atmosphere with extremely cold temps aloft (like zero) that would hit the hot 80-85 F degree air expected around lunchtime & on into afternoon. That large hail was going to be main threat with the storms that would pop up due to this interaction (per Fox 4 - Dallas @ 7 AM)

What's been happening in past 3 hours here in Ft Worth w/ myself is following:

1) Around noon time, from downtown Ft Worth we observed a huge "wagonwheel" type scalar feature (created via artificial aerosols ... chemtrails") in sky incoming from southwest of DFW area = towards Granbury area. A 2nd one was seen about 1 hour later and it was located off due west of Ft Worth, with very long white lines coming in towards the metroplex, very much like the way light rays shoot out during sunset with certain conditions... (and the long white lines in each of these creations began turning into more of the diffuse thin clouds with wispy fringes as they came overhead later)

2) A strange onset of extremely severe dizzy spells x 3 incidents so far, all beginning after 1 pm and each one was very brief but such a wham that felt like might black out and no medical history to cause such symptoms. Intuitive sense is that something is being pulsed, EM frequency - HAARP or ??? to abate this storm for selected zone.

3) Have now had 1 very intense ear tone in R ear in past half hour ... none earlier today.

4) Distant storm line that was dark to south over 1 hour ago is now much lighter that direction while much darker towards northwest of Ft Worth (and the individual storm cells seem to be going towards northeast in the line as it progresses from west to east.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 960100
United States
05/03/2010 04:36 PM
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Re: Storm Abatement - Dallas: Right now
OP NOTE: Am aware that a dupe thread posted but don't know why so please make this one the primary & have request that Mods delete their other one.

Would appreciate any observations from others in the DFW region & outlying area. I can see how weather modification / climate-engineering could be beneficial but also have directly observed (over several years now) that when storm (or tornado - Bernard Eastlunch patent) abatement is done, the energy is shifted to track over outlying rural areas ..... meaning that it's like the storm is "split" and then there seems to be intensification take place and the people living north & south along outer boundaries of the metroplex get hammered bad while inner city cores don't see much severity.

This also leads one to suspect that the core group controlling much of the insurance industry may play a substantial role in what's going on with chemtrails & pushing the climate engineering agenda.

And it is now apparent that the PTB/PTW *Center of Control* of the NWO apparatus is an interlinked force of wall street criminal & their CEO mafai banksters, corporate elite globalists including insurance + big pharma + big industrial food / shipping / mining - etc corporations .... and also factor in the mega-defense related industries.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 955214
United Kingdom
05/03/2010 04:40 PM
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Re: Storm Abatement - Dallas: Right now
I wouldn't be surprised tptb are doing this,I dont recall ever getting dizzy and getting vertigo or having ringing ears when a storm approaches.

Keep an eye on it OP.


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