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Message Subject Russia says oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico can be stopped with nuclear explosion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Anyone promoting the ridiculous idea that a nuke will seal this thing, obviously has ill-intent or is excruciatingly ignorant.

It will make matters worse beyond imagination.

Radiated water, radiated oil that sticks to everything, radiation poisoning all over the southern US, and a BIGGER HOLE that will release the remaining billions of gallons of oil... radioactive oil.

wtf are they thinking?
 Quoting: no 961771

Nah this OP is just mentally retarded and completely stupid. Plus he thinks one person(such as Sorcha Fail) equal a whole country. And the other dumb cockbite who says he's "been researching this issue a lot and think it's the only option" and a fucking retarded queer(probably also the OP) who needs to go make something with Playdough.
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