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05/05/2010 03:55 PM
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OK hot of the press, I just finished transcribing this amazing channeled message from 'Albert Einstein' through my beautiful and amazing girlfriend LQ - so the words you are reading are word for word, from Albert's Mind.
this message will soon be up on our blog but you can read our other messages from April 2010 her
[link to onelovecommunity.tumblr.com]

LQ – Channels - Albert Einstein – April 30th 2010

Today I would like to talk about the fractal nature of things, it’s not just the fractal it self but in the sense that time is also a fractal and it can be split into many different places at the same time, all originating from the same source . This is something that is of great importance to you, so I will give you information on it and shed some light for you all here today.
We see a beam of light traveling into space and we wonder if it stays on a straight path, much of which has come forward in many of the learning’s and the teachings on this earth in many places, through different mediums. Whether it is that who is aware or unaware that they are channeling the universe and beyond, but this is something that comes from the light and that is why I am speaking of the light because it is this in it’s self, that is of everything we speak of.
For the light defines the grid and the grid is of this fractal nature that I speak of because it is something that I have not touched upon yet and it is of very great importance. There are many spaces in time and they can almost be chopped up, almost as if a loaf of bread. All coming from the same loaf but singular slices of that loaf in time and space and we look at our selves and we think that we are singular but this is not the case for we are actually spread out into many different places at once and only singular parts of ourselves are there which are only parts of a greater whole of our selves which is there. This also happens with time and space as you are one in the same, although you do not see it that way clearly now, but this is truly a truth that is here for you and is something here that I want to share because you are also spread out between time and space, through many different planes and many different avenues of existence.
Forging a new time in this direction can be difficult for you to feel comfortable for you operating on so many levels at once, I understand it can be quite complicated, it’s the nature of our universe, but it is something you must truly embrace if you want to go forward to the great unknown. They always show me in relation to science and literature and it is something that I truly find inspirational. However it is always apart of you and a part of you alone and it is something here to share with you, but the only thing that is here
Is you and that oneness with everything.
We are spiraling out on a fractal nature, imagine a spiral coming off of a spiral coming off of a spiral, off of a spiral. As if they where almost interweaving in a three dimensional way. As if a DNA form but not so, more like many eye’s of a hurricane connected to one another and is difficult to explain but it is all connected and one and there are various planes of function very closely to one another but fully manifest completely different realities. This is something very important because it does have to do, everything to do with the consolidation that you are going through right now and it is something that is very important to this understanding of this transformation I can not say it enough, there are many different planes and there all coming together and this is why the fractal nature should be known for these planes coming together are the compressing and the bringing together and the bringing back to oneness of these fractals which have gone out. Basically going backwards in a sense to an original form or the ark type, the one true form, which is absolute. Make it what ever you wish for this is where we’re going to if the ‘creation space’ as I call it. This plane of nothingness, constantly changing and morphing and turning and the only thing that defines anything is our choosing and this is amazing, amazing thing, but we are coming to a new space of understanding, where the space and the archetype as I speak of will be known to you in a way that brings so much joy that you will not be able to contain yourself. I know it may sound boring maybe even rash to some people. These things it takes time to come into terms with and to understand the vastness but it is here for you to hold and I am just sharing it because it’s very quite interesting and it something that you should all know here really and I wish it would be so for such a simple truth should be known across the entire planet and it is something that many of you already know within their hearts and are ready to bring forward at this time. So I am simply helping you do that because it’s been too long and my work has simply not done enough to fulfill this greater truth that must be revealed.
We are reformulating, revaluating, coming to new understandings, new conclusions. It is simply all experimentation, everything is a game and we are just finding out new ways of being and knowing and understanding and as we come to this new place, it will simply become to the end of our experiment where we asses the data and come to a conclusion. For this is really what’s happening and it is very exciting and I simply cannot wait to see the results. I’m testing yes! (nodding) Testing a few things myself.
Well what I am interested in is the orbit of many of these planetary bodies for they are simply changing right now and it is very puzzling to see all though it is very normal.
But it is quite something I have not been able to observe in many many many many many many eons. So I am quite fascinated here at this point, although it’s not the only thing of interest for me at this time but for me personally.
Brett asks what’s happening with Venus at this time it looks closer?
Albert answers’ The Bodies are simply shifting as everything and there coming to a place where they do not stay as close as there orbit. They are beginning to change and become more three dimensional as everything does, Three dimensional in the sense not as we know it but in the sense of ‘360’ three dimensional as a circle instead of up and down and left and right. This is hard to explain but is coming forward. Everything is moving and the universe is coming to a state where the limberness and the fabric fluidity of the grid will be quite present and apparent to all. This is why the layers are coming together, and which is why you are seeing through the veils, but is because everything is becoming redefined.
Brett asks Albert how quickly do you see people awakening –
We see people awakening all around you I suppose
Brett – I’m saying the big picture of things, from month to month it must be growing so fast?
Albert replies ‘I don’t see that I see, I her that it is happening and trust and know it’s shall
But there is much work to be done up here as well and I have been focusing on understanding what is happening with the earth and the planets right now as I may work to continue to shed this knowledge on the earthly plane with others including yourself .

There is a massive plan afoot and you are all part of it and the land will be ours again.
Brett’ This year? Next year? This year? Next Year?
Friends giggle, as does Albert.

Albert responds, ‘But you see I still not interested in that, what I’m very interested in is to see what these planets are doing! It is quite fascinating.

Are there beings on every planet? Asks Brett.
‘We shall see’. Responds Albert. ‘We shall see’
I’m watching, I’m Watching

Attune yourself to the data, the data, the data is now here for you to share. It is everywhere it is flowing naturally at this time and all you must do is tap into it. We say this no because it is flowing and it is something to share at this time.