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Message Subject Rotary Club and Freemasons - similar organisations in a different disguise
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The list of organisations is endless.

And they eventually all lead to the same source.

Here is just a small sample.. but there's lots more.

And they are ALL on board for this One World Government crap.

The New (Old) World Order, Mystery Babylon, Rome, The Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits, Freemasons, Order of the Rosy Cross, Red Cross, Rosicrusians, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300, The Bilderberg Group, Fabians, United Nations, NATO, World Health Organistion, World Bank, Shriners, Bohemian Club, Rotary, Apex, Scouts & The Illuminatinated Ones.

And this is how they control the world:

Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media
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..the times.. they are a changing..
 Quoting: ShaneCMuir 965207

Most of the organizations have a benign exoteric outer personality, based on helping humanity and doing good. While many of those in this list have an inner personality based on domination, I believe that several of them are truly part of the White Lodge. As such, they are organized in a hierarchical fashion but they truly seek the good. And, just as Plato's philosopher kings were not voted into office, the White Lodge organizations are not necessarily democratic.

I believe a distinction must be made between good and bad elites, since the sheeple as a herd move toward the lowest common denominator. The good elites truly believe in freedom and enlightenment for all. I believe that masonry, overall, has this "good" orientation although there could be "bad" lodges. The good elites look for and recruit others who have the intelligence, strength, and morality to serve in the struggle for enlightenment.

And these folks are elite. If the majority of humanity had these characteristics, then the work would be done. Humanity would be enlightened. We would all be growing and eating healthy food, there would be free utilities, housing, and health care, and every person on earth would be encouraged to fulfill his or her true potential. And no one would feel threatened or stifled by this. They would feel this world of light and sharing would be appropriate.

But, our world is not like that. We are not ready to be our brothers' keepers. We damn that mode of life as socialism and fear it. We hate our brothers of different creeds and colors, even though they may not have done anything to us personally. What's ours is ours, dammit, and you can't have it.

So, the good elites work toward a Golden Age while the bad elites work toward controlling and enslaving everyone. Our job as non-elites is to work toward what we in our hearts believe is the best and to try to tell the difference between those who truly have our best interests at heart and those who don't. At least that's my opinion.
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