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Message Subject Rotary Club and Freemasons - similar organisations in a different disguise
Poster Handle ShaneCMuir
Post Content
So, the good elites work toward a Golden Age while the bad elites work toward controlling and enslaving everyone. Our job as non-elites is to work toward what we in our hearts believe is the best and to try to tell the difference between those who truly have our best interests at heart and those who don't. At least that's my opinion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 965407

I wish I had your faith that there actually were 'good elites'.

I just cannot see any evidence of it.

The problem I see is that all of these organisations have a pyramid power structure.

That is.. you must obey your superiors.. or you're out!!

That leaves no room for obeying your own conscience.

And it leaves plenty of room for control.

With the reformation came our constitutions and the space for a personal relationship with God.. and our own moral integrity.. and your own possessions.. Western Society was born.

Rome, the Freemasons and all these other groups have been fighting this ever since.

They have no faith in the ignorant masses and set about destroying our constitutions from the bottom up.

This program is well advanced now as we start to see Socialism and Fascism rise in our world.

The thing is.. these New World Order/One World Government elites are wrong.. and they will never have their One World Government.

They are wrong about the ignorant masses.

The kingdom of God lives in every man woman and child on this planet.

And we are free.. and they won't be able to take that from us.

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