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"I am only following Prophet Mohammed's footsteps"

islam says so
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United Kingdom
05/11/2010 04:58 PM
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"I am only following Prophet Mohammed's footsteps"
Right from an adult muslim mouth,this is what they learn and nothing will stop them. Their old enough to pee is good enough for me religion says its ok to marry and rape little children and teens.

sick bastards.

Abuja - Nigerian Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima, under fire for marrying a 13-year-old Egyptian girl, justified his actions on Monday by saying he was following in the footsteps of Islam's Prophet Mohammed.

"I am only following Prophet Mohammed's footsteps who married a nine-year-old girl, Aishatu," Yerima told journalists shortly after his opposition ANPP party paid a visit to President Goodluck Jonathan.

Yerima, 49, who was governor of Nigeria's north-western state of Zamfara when it became the first of 12 Muslim-dominated northern states to introduce Sharia law in 2000, spurned Nigeria's Child Rights Act of 2003 which forbids marriage with anyone under 18.
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"I do not work with such law that runs counter to my religion," he said.

The Nigerian Senate has ordered a probe after the national rights watchdog and 10 other groups accused him of shaming the country. - AFP

[link to www.iol.co.za]