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Message Subject Not all Satanists are Masons, but all Masons are
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The sad thing is that the low level stooges who have gone through the pact and ritual of old magick don't have a clue to whom they have sold themselves to...
Deceit and ignorance keeps greedy bloodlines in control and until these groups are exposed as to the true nature of their practices there can be no trust in this world.

Exactly, as long as people do not want to see that there are two forces that attack our harmony, we´re basically screwed:

Lucifer is NOT Satan, but Knowledge and Light.
His Evil part wants us to forget we need morals.
Satan is Baphomet, but too the Creator of the matter.
His Evil part wants us to identify with matter only.

Now considering this, we can see that they work together nowadays to deceive us.
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