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Note Shorcha fal thread, coming events

05/10/2005 03:32 PM
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Note Shorcha fal thread, coming events
Please note on thread [link to www.godlikeproductions.com] , the Shrocha Fal movements to people to underground.

It is my feeling that, all this two steppin nonsense we´ve had lately is unnecessary.

Everyone, including the debunks, know that PX is headed this way.

My question is, why didn´t the gubment, mail out a booklet, to all the people, so they could have know ahead of time, what is to come?

You, of course, would have crazies getting their guns out and swearing. However, in the end you would more than likely have three tribes.

One, people that grabs their firearms and are going to shoot at anyone, no matter what.

Two, people that would still be armed, but however would look for logical solultions, to find an alternative for themselves.

Three people totally compliant and would probably go with the government says.

The last two groups show hope, instead of hurting people in the move and ending up wild people in the hills.

For myself. "Hey I´m not a normal dude and I will be the first to say that".

My physiologie´s not normal, by blood is more like motor oil than blood and even if I watch my diet, my blood and body still is very unusual.

I also possess more than usual E.T. recognition.

Some people I have talked to, go OMG, faint, then please get the smelling salts.

For me, its, "Oh´ those beings there. So what"?

If events are going to get dicey with coming PX, then the government should step in and at least let everyone know that they have some options?

Mine is this, if Earth is going to get trashed, Then people should be allowed a barrowed saucer, and given the right to make offworld contacts.

And if things don´t look too good here, then relocate tothe planet of my choice?

A fifty foot in radiused saucer, is okay and this will get me most of the things that I need.

Go where I´m going and then press a button and the saucer would retgurn itself empty?

I´m offworld skilled, more than know a few of the races out there.That´s part of me.

On the Dracs.

Did you know that by other historians who are E.T. on this globe, your movements are being watched and recorded in this area´s history?

Yes this is true especially for the South American Varity, who do keep records on what´s going on this planet.

In your future, there will be half Drac, half humans that might be more outward going that what the main Dracs continuum is now.

I´m not predjudest against Dracs, or reptoids for that matter.

I got to know an artist, who was interdimensionally invited to peaceful Blue Dracs, or lizard reptoids houses and was invited inside.

Everything in their house looked as our would, except instead of a bed in a bedroom, they had a nest with an egg in it.

So you see, without all of the intimidation B.S., humans and some reptoids can get along quite well.

What might happen if the Dracs treat the humans badly, is that this could get out into the cosmos, that this Drac human getting along, did not go well and people were hurt by one of these factors?

I would say in closing, why didn´t you mail out a full disclosures, rather than people running through the streets, as if it were a Godzilla move?

A little bit of confusion now, however in the long run a better way that deception.

*The disclosure UFO Cover-up Live hosted by Mike Farrell, gave almost the entire play by play. But it seems that this type of communication is not shown so much?

Good will to all, but this could have been handled differently.

To the Dracs, I would start raising bunnies and eat them as knowledge of what you do is getting out.

Secondly you get more friends with kindness, rather than deception and overlording.

Notes* It is a very unusual or rare event, for a reptoid to ever invite a human into its household, letting that human views the nest.

Thank you and apologies:I would like to thank a certain hidden community, as per their recognition of a said event that had reoccurred to me, specified as a twin puncture mark, in my right leg, three inches up from the ankle bone.

I now know that this was a bite from another era, from a poisonous, snake to be exact, not your community and I´m sorry to have not known this.

I got your message, the Kal Korff Rumanian film information.

Part of my past memories, are occluded, but now I have figured this out, sorry.

>If you are reading this, then how do you feel about what I´ve said in this disclosure?

Biff Durring Springtime
Kenny D Rogers
12/08/2005 10:16 AM
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Re: Note Shorcha fal thread, coming events
"Everyone, including the debunks, know that PX is headed this way."


Last time I read some real hardcore proof of this was never. To be honest with you, if this planet was heading towards us, as soon as it becomes visable the whole world will know....

....do you get what I am saying? If something THAT MOTHERFUCKING HUGE is going to happen then we will surly know...(if only for the reason that it is coming from the sky).

Trust your local astrometers. They tend to have level heads and wide eyes towards space and knowelge. You can´t tell me hundereds of individuals like this wouldn´t give anything away.

You my friend, are barely real.