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BREAKING: Atlantis set up maneuver to avoid "space trash". Hmmmmm...

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05/15/2010 02:59 AM
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BREAKING: Atlantis set up maneuver to avoid "space trash". Hmmmmm...
The Atlantis, who left on Friday with six astronauts on board, bound for International Space Station (ISS), prepares a maneuver to dodge space junk, said mission control.
A few hours after the shuttle launch, NASA said its experts analyze a maneuver to avoid colliding Atlantis "with space junk" that can cross the trajectory of the spacecraft towards the ISS.
"We are monitoring the trajectory of a space debris," said a NASA official Bill Gerstenmaier. "We have warned the team to prepare for a maneuver if necessary to correct the trajectory of Atlantis.

[link to translate.google.com]
 Quoting: Terra

Something weird is going on during this last mission of the space shuttle... Zillions of trajectory calculations, before the launching and the commander and the crew weren't informed about such "trash"??? If there's something out there, putting in risk the succeed of the mission, why NASA sent them anyway??? What kind of "trash" they are talking about??? I ask 'cause it could be a meteorite or an alien cruiser just approaching of our orbit in a coincident path with the shuttle... Who knows... Course the american tax-payer sheeples, that fund NASA cover up agenda, believe in the usual "debris-ice-block-swamp-gas-weather-balloon-lens-flare" bullshit... Then, any crap-explanation they say on TV, sounds good with some beers.

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United States
05/16/2010 12:46 AM

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Re: BREAKING: Atlantis set up maneuver to avoid "space trash". Hmmmmm...
I posted something about your thread here:

Re: Holy Crap! Atlantis loaded with nuclear warheads!

posted a thread about it, but nobody gave a f****... Quoting UndercoverAlien

Actually I read it three times. It is a weird story, no doubt. It almost sounds like they are giving away the ending before they "wrote" the story.


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