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Message Subject Seattle is a mess of chemtrails and chembows today
Poster Handle Aquarius 7
Post Content
It is estimated that nearly 100,000 high level Nazis were smuggled out of Germany near the end of the war and afterword.

Their scientists were put into use by both the USA and Russian.

Others were put into business positions.

Their offspring are probably the ones up there spraying you right now.

Floride is a very toxic byproduct of aluminum and fertilzer production. It was used by the Nazis in the camps to keep the large crowds like sheep. They have been using it on us for a long time. It is outlawed to put this in the drinking water in most European countries. Prozac is 96% floride.

Aluminum.....which also cause sheeplike behavior.....Alzheimers....etc......has also been using in deoderants, shampoo, etc. It is also being sprayed on you. That is why you might have a sore throat and congestion after they spray.

It not only cause sickness and mental sluggishness.....but also will one day ruin the soil. This will result in a food crisis.

It is part of their plan to reduce world population.

Other poisons such as Trans Fat were used for many years and now High Fructose Corn Syrup, genetically modified crops, etc. Mercury, aluminum, antifreeze, etc are also added to vaccines.

The list is endless. The Nazis have no problem with poisoning who they feel are the gentically inferior masses.

The banker elites/illuminati Nazis have been in control for quite awhile. The war never really ended.....this is the time of the 4th Reich.

The anti-christ will be Adolph Hitler released from the pit for a short time.

Christ will return and eventually destroy them. Their flesh and their eyeballs will literally be melted as they stand. The birds will feed on what is left. (Zechariah 14) That will just be the beginning of their trouble.
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. .

Well said.

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