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Message Subject Masons and Rastafarianism?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It makes intuitive sense to me that the Masons could have had a hand in forming what is now Rasta culture. I'm not the most well-versed on Rastafarianism, but I do know they consider ganja, their all-important sacrament, to be the "wisdom weed" found growing on the grave of King Solomon. And I'm sure you know who built Solomon's temple.
Also, they refer to their Deity father figure as "Jah", and I've read that high level Masonic rituals refer to their god as "Jabulon"
Rastas also make frequent use of the Star of David symbol, which is essentially the same exact thing as the Freemason logo, minus the ubiquitous "G".
Then there's the constant references to Babylon, Zion, and the "Chosen People"...

I dunno. Just wanted to see if anyone had some relevant info on the subject.
And I don't mean to disrespect Uncle Bob. Marley was a genuine badass.

and now the obligatory
 Quoting: Jack Flint

Actually, no it was not founded by the Masons... it got infiltrated by the masons.

The roots of Rastafarianism, go way back to the days before slavery and before the tribes of Israel fled over the levant via Elephantine into Africa! It wasn't called anything other then the original culture.

After, Marvin Garvey left the US for Jamaica and the ascend to the throne of Haile Selassie, aka Ras Takonen, it became the RasTa-fari movement. However, these are the true house of Israel. They have kept the knowledge of self... and one of the reasons Bob Marley was killed, Is the fear of the elite for the coming of the LionKing (remember the movie ....)

The legends of a returning Lion King is imbedded in the cultures of the westindies and Carribean slavedescendants..with slight variations in the stories. They all hold pieces of the puzzle to the clue and the heart of the conspiracy of the global elite.
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