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Message Subject Masons and Rastafarianism?
Poster Handle Jack Flint
Post Content
Actually, no it was not founded by the Masons... it got infiltrated by the masons.

The roots of Rastafarianism, go way back to the days before slavery and before the tribes of Israel fled over the levant via Elephantine into Africa! It wasn't called anything other then the original culture.

After, Marvin Garvey left the US for Jamaica and the ascend to the throne of Haile Selassie, aka Ras Takonen, it became the RasTa-fari movement. However, these are the true house of Israel. They have kept the knowledge of self... and one of the reasons Bob Marley was killed, Is the fear of the elite for the coming of the LionKing (remember the movie ....)

The legends of a returning Lion King is imbedded in the cultures of the westindies and Carribean slavedescendants..with slight variations in the stories. They all hold pieces of the puzzle to the clue and the heart of the conspiracy of the global elite.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 865688

Very nice. Thanks for that.
Apparently this same question has been asked in many threads here. Seems likely there must be some kind of involvement of those pesky little stonecutters.

You're right, the Masons couldn't have established the foundations of it. Those roots go deep.
By now, though, the movement most likely has been manipulated by the powers that be. Seems like the "elite" would be working to keep the real lessons hidden and maintain the divide people down the race line.
It would be pretty easy for them, seeing as they control the media and (most of) the music industry. Just keep pumping out the brainwashing bullshit.

... any further elaboration on the Lion King prophecy?
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