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Message Subject Masons and Rastafarianism?
Poster Handle skeleton key
Post Content
As a freemason and a rasta study, I can see the connective tissue. Rasta and Masons believe in brotherly love, truth, relief and unity of man. Masons are not religious, but believe in a higher power as do Rastas. No athiest can be wither a Rasta nor a freemason. Variations of theology however can all live within Ratsafarianism. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Bhuddists, etal can be a part of either group. True Rastafarians believe that Haille Sellasie the first was the living incarnation of Jesus Christ. He embodying all that is holy as a direct descendent of Solomon, whose temple gave birth to masonry as a fraternity. I am certain that there are Rastas that are also masons. Masonry is not about power and control over the masses in some evil conspiracy as many of the ignorant, including some posters here spout as truth. Instead It is about making good men better. It is about adopting a mindset that is anchored in integrity, restraint, wisdom and nonjudgemental ideals. Maybe this will help shed some light on the subject.
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