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Is there TRUTH?


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United States
05/22/2010 01:37 PM

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Is there TRUTH?
Alas, I must repeat myself. In earnest I wish for people to realize a bit more about themselves. Why? Because the key to the directions we must take to circumvent our selfsame destruction relies upon it.

I know that many times it just seems like jibberish. Talking about knowing ones self....... a bit akin to the super deep hidden meaning of life. No concrete answers..... Just a philosophical perspective.

I certainly realize that the day to day ordeal of confronting all those issues we are bombarded with in the course of just living our lives is more than enough to consume our entire attention, but there is so much more.

At this time I am almost overcome with grief over what is happening in the Gulf, But this pales in comparison to the travails of humanity. What is more important on this earth than humanity? Is the answer everything or nothing?

This is not a plea for or a call to action....... merely an invitation to think and perpare emotionally for what is almost certain to occur.

I won't bump this, let it fall where it might.

Corny? Perhaps......... But that's just me.

Some people say they believe there is truth, when what they really believe is that each person's beliefs express an individual, subjective truth. This is the denial of the reality of Truth, which is invariable, not subjective, possessing a fixed reality of its own, as Socrates explains.

"It is clear that things have some fixed reality of their own, not in relation to us nor caused by us; they do not vary, swaying one way and another in accordance with our fancy, but exist of themselves in relation to their own reality imposed by nature."

[link to www.hermes-press.com]
One Truth.... many realities