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Message Subject WHAT IF... the Anunnaki-reptilian-invasion is an Illuminati false flag???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Yes, I’ve felt that way for a long time. What if the Anunnaki are really benefactors to humanity; is so then the Illuminati shapeshifters would do everything in their power to demonize them and would be quite content if we thought the Anunnaki were reptilians.

So what evidence is there that the Anunnaki have been demonized; and who would benefit from this?

I have found a possible explanation as to why people might mistake them for reptilians. The Anunnaki appear to be the “serpent people”; I think that is why people think they are reptilians.

Some of the pharaohs have the enlarged skulls; and they probably increased brain capacity as well. Brian Desborough has written a very interesting book called “They Cast No Shadows. He describes the Anunnaki as the humanoids. They were the pharaohs with the enlarged skulls and he explains why they are called “serpent people.”

He also says that the 13 Illuminati bloodlines of shapeshifters receive their “marching orders” from an offplanet race of reptilian dragon-like race.

[link to www.briansbetterworld.com]

I saw my first evidence of the existence of E.T.'s about 25 years ago when I was shown the Roswell autopsy report that clearly indicated that the craft's occupants were humanoids.

Amazingly, the UFO community has totally ignored hard evidence of humanoid visitors who arrived on earth more than 5000 years ago. Unlike human skulls, the front and rear halves of their skulls never knitted together. Consequently, as their brains grew in infancy, the rear half of their head was pushed rearwards, pulling their facial skin taut and giving them the appearance of a serpent (a Dead Sea scroll mentions a similar being). Their skeletons have been found in Sumer, the Giza Plateau, Malta and Yucatan and at the Mayan pyramids. Superstitious Mayans later bound their infants' heads between two boards in an attempt to simulate the skulls.

So much misinformation has been published concerning the Sumerian culture that it's advisable to learn the language and study Sumerian texts oneself. According to the texts, these great civilizers known variously as the El (shining ones) Annana, Annunaki and in the pre dynastic Egyptian texts as the Shemsu Hor (followers of Horus) descended upon the summit of Mount Hermon as the waters of the global flood began to reside and created a community on the upper slopes of the mountain in a grassy plain they named Edin. After a long period of time they migrated to Mesopotamia and created a civilization there. Several years ago, I had the pleasure of dining with the erudite physicist and Sumerian scholar, the late George Merkl, Ph.D. when we both lectured at a Global Sciences symposium and found it refreshing to hear him refer to popular books on Sumerian history as a "fairy story."

The reason much data appertaining to these remarkable people has been obscured is because Dr. Merkl discovered that many Sumerian texts contain advanced data concerning protein synthesis and endoplasmic reticulii. He also decoded a Sumerian text providing details on the manufacture of an amazing elixir. He replicated the elixir, which contained microscopic crystals that had remarkable healing qualities. When a powerful light beam was projected on the base of a glass Petrie dish containing the elixir, the dish levitated. Dr. Merkl, the recipient of some 400 patents, also developed very advanced optical equipment which enabled him to view planets with incredible clarity.
According to the earliest Egyptian texts, it was the Shemsu Hor who created the Great Pyramid. Carbon dating using the tree ring calibration method dates the Pyramid at 3000 BCE, not 2500 BCE as is commonly believed. Evidence of the Shemsu Hor's advanced technology is to be found in the Great Pyramid's stone blocks, which were cast in geopolymer stone, not quarried (the blocks contain chemically bound water, not found in natural limestone).

For a number of years I served in a support function for high level survivors of Illuminati mind control and Satanic ritual abuse. Some of these unfortunate individuals had served in a dual capacity as highly trained powerful psychics who had the ability to invoke hideous entities from other astral realms at ritual gatherings and also acted as telepathic intermediaries between E.T.'s and scientists at various covert facilities such as Area 51 and China Lake Naval Weapons Depot.

What I learned from these individuals is that the 13 ruling families of shape shifters receive their global planning strategies from a reptilian dragon like race who reside off planet.

[link to tribes.tribe.net]

The Shemsu Hor

Most humans devolved into being merely hunter-gatherers. In order to “jump-start” a new civilization, an amazing race of beings appeared on Earth. Known as the “Shemsu Hor,” (meaning disciples of Horus) noted Egyptologists such as the late Schwaller de Lubicz (1891- 1951) found that pre-dynastic Egypt had no evolutionary development, but rather received its civilization intact from elsewhere. Ancient texts have revealed that these great civilizers were the Shemsu Hor, some of whose skeletons have been
discovered at Saqquara, in Egypt.

The Shemsu Hor were a fair haired, blue eyed race and taller than the indigenous Egyptians. Curiously, their skulls possessed an astonishing physical characteristic: unlike conventional human skulls, the front and rear halves of the Shemsu Hor skulls did not knit together. In consequence, as the brain grew during infancy, the rear half of the skull was forced backwards. This pronounced deformation caused the skin to become very taut, thereby giving the Shemsu Hor the facial appearance of a serpent! Very significantly, the deformed Shemsu Hor skulls have been found in regions of the world where ancient structures were constructed with massive stone blocks, e.g. the Giza Plateau, the pyramids of Central America and the Hal Saflini Hypogeum in Malta. The term “Shem” is of Akkadian derivation, being derived from the Babylonian term “shamash,” meaning “serpent,” Akkadia being the former name of Kurdistan. It is also in these particular regions that Mother Goddess figurines have been found who bear the facial features of a serpent. Interestingly, the Dead Sea scroll entitled “The Testament of Amran,” bears the phrase “… his face was that of a viper.”

[link to www.briansbetterworld.com]

The history of Planet Earth, as recorded by the ten official Illuminati historians, was compared with other historical and archaeological informational sources in order for me to arrive at a realistic revisionist global history for the book, for we are unable to acquire enlightenment unless we become knowledgeable about the true patterns of the past. Humans generally assume, for instance, that the Book of Genesis is not associated with any reptilian race, yet the Illuminati hierarchy are adamant that Genesis is their book, which I have to agree with, for the Illuminati dragons here on earth were cast out of their homeland in another astral realm because of their evil ways (many dragons in other realms of existence are quite spiritually evolved).

Although the earthbound dragons are barred from returning to their original homeland, a few humans possess the key which is necessary to visit there (certain members of the Afghani Kawajaghan and a few high level Illuminati mind control survivors know what I’m referring to).

In conclusion, I would like to announce that a Japanese translation of my book is in progress. If things work out satisfactorily, it will include an appendix displaying photographs of authentic reptilian mummies, some photos of which I have viewed.

[link to educate-yourself.org]

The first thing that the reptilians and shape-shifters had to do when they came to Earth was kill the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki had been ruling the Earth for 400,000 years since their arrival from Nibiru. They are extremely long lived and robust, but by the time of Alexander the Great, 333 BC, the space-gods had been replaced by those who found the density of Earth promising.

Most of the negative ones came to Earth about 2500 BC, with the Earth's polar alignment on Alpha Draconis or the star called Thuban. During such alignments the whole planet is a stargate. The most recent similar alignment was with Polaris in 1951.

On their own planet the shape-shifters are perfectly adapted to high density planetary existance. They also find the cores of planets welcoming. Earth at 5.5 times the specific gravity of water is the densest planet in our solar system. The cores of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune may contain more matter, but they do not have the metals of Earth. The Earth has a thick magnetic envelope too. This contributes to the density grid of the planet. The shape-shifter want to recreate the conditions of their home world on Earth by compressing the grids.

The Anunnaki's home world, Nibiru, is the opposite of the shape-shifter's home world. Nibiru, spending most of its 3600 year orbit in interstellar space and scarce on heavy metals, is less dense than Earth. Although the mass of Nibiru is roughly four times that of Earth and surface gravity likewise higher, the grids were open and refined. The open grids contributed to the near immortality of the Anunnaki.
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