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Message Subject WHAT IF... the Anunnaki-reptilian-invasion is an Illuminati false flag???
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It seems the sensors want to jam this link, so I’ll post this in its entirety since it has a lot of interesting infoprmation.

By Brian Desborough

[link to www.briansbetterworld.com]

The customary motive for writing a book is either for financial rewards or for ego satisfaction. Occasionally however, a person feels so strongly about a situation that he or she is compelled to bring the subject to the general public. Such a person is David dIcke, who is to be commended for courageously revealing the covert and evil reptilian agenda, enduring much scorn and harassment in the process.

When I was eighteen months old, I contracted what was believed at the time to be a terminal illness; since that near death experience, I have possessed the ability to astrally project. During an out of body experience in 1971, I encountered five highly evolved beings, who informed me that I must write a revisionist history of the world. The purpose of the book was to take the readers out of their comfort zones by presenting them with the truth regarding such diverse subjects as the true location of Atlantis, the duplicitous acts of the Illuminati, and the fundamentals of free energy technology. It was hoped that such a book would generate a word-of-mouth pandemic among the global populace, in order to finally collapse the Illuminati House of Cards, thus permitting humanity to create a better world which emphasises love, not hate.

These non-physical entities stressed that I should conduct an indepth study of the research of Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich. I felt that this would be a daunting task since the published works of Reich had been publicly burned in 1956 by order of a corrupt judge. Reich’s books were not republished until the late 1970’s. To make matters worse, in order to protect his financial interests, the crafty Tesla omitted key elements from his free energy patents, thereby rendering them virtually useless.

Shortly after meeting the entities, I had a “chance” encounter with a pediatrician who had been one of Reich’s research associates at the time when Federal goons arrested Dr. Reich and destroyed his lab equipment with axes. He provided me with access to a copy of Reich’s research notes, which enabled me to aquire a knowledge of weather engineering.

At that time period, I was a member of a small spiritual healing group. Upon concluding a healing session upon an elderly female metallurgist who was dying from heavy metal poisoning, she asked me whether I had heard of Nikola Tesla. Upon answering in the affirmative, the lady smiled and took me into her laboratory, which adjoined her house.

There on a workbench sat a very old free energy unit. She explained that after Lewis Cass Payseur–the wealthiest person in America, had instructed his financial lackey J.P. Morgan to cancel Tesla’s funding, the inventive genius quietly rented laboratory space in Portland, Oregon, where he developed his so-called “death ray,” which has the capability of flash-freezing the inhabitants of a distant city, if the device is tuned to a quarter wavelength of the distance between the city and the device.

One day, continued the lady, Tesla felt a tug on his sleeve. Looking down he saw the landlord’s twelve year old son, who said: “Mr. Tesla, will you teach me all you know?” Tesla was so impressed that the boy became one of Tesla’s protégés and eventually married the lady I had just met. The
lady then provided me with some of her husband’s notes on free energy and anti-gravitic devices. In this manner, many doors were opened, thus enabling me to aquire meaningful data for the book.

During the three decades it took to research and write the book, I became involved with exorcism, where I experienced encounters with hostile reptoids from the lower astral realms. This was a period where I met people deemed to be under psychic attack or delusional but were, in actuality, victims of mind control. Some of these survivors of insidious mind control projects were members of satanic cults, others were trained to be military assassins, while others such as Cisco Wheeler and the former Illuminati Mother Goddess Arizona Wilder, had been trained from infancy by the Nazi “Angel of Death” Josef Mengele for their roles as very high-level Illuminati slaves.

Ms. Wilder has been ridiculed by some people who are obviously too lazy to research her claims for themselves. I was asked to help Arizona shortly after she had been bound with thin wire and brutally beaten for quitting her Illuminati controllers, and have been able to substantiate many of her claims, bizarre as they are. For instance, after informing me that she had been abducted and taken to a residence in Southern California for reprogramming, I learned that mind-control survivors who were members of a support group called Mothers Against Sexual Abuse had also been programmed at the same facility.

One of the strangest claims made by Arizona was that when she was taken to the residences of various European royalfamilies for the purpose of conducting Illuminati rituals, she noted that members of these families had a passion for wearing period costumes when dining or dancing in private. A year after I was told this weird story, I had dinner with a European painter who specialized in painting the portraits of members of the European nobility. She told me that this entailed staying as a house guest until the portraits were completed. She added that these noble families had a penchant for wearing period costumes when dining in private! Moreover, she said that present-day seamstresses were unfamiliar with the complex stitches used in such clothing, so the nobility employed seamstresses who had been specially trained in such stitching techniques.

In keeping with many mind control survivors, Arizona kept a daily journal. The earliest of these journals contained many profound passages written by her various alter personalities. I noticed that one journal she showed me made reference to a hobby store located on Los Angeles’
Wilshire Boulevard. Arizona explained that she had been taken to the basement of the store, which was an Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)facility. She was taken through a tunnel beneath the road to a psychiatric facility also covertly owned by ONI, where she was subjected to additional programming by the Jesuit-trained Cuban born psychiatrist who is the dicer and slicer at rituals held by the Illuminati High Council of the United States.

What Arizona was unaware of at that time, was that two decades prior to meeting her, I had interviewed the grandson of Adolph Zukor, the founder of Paramount Pictures. The grandson had been disowned by his family after he had publicly leaked the well-known Report from Iron Mountain. His father had been deputy director of ONI during WWII; he later founded the super-secret Defense Industrial Security Command (DISC) the quasi- private security arm of the military-industrial complex. This is the group that directed the assassination of President Kennedy, on behalf of
the Permindex cabal. The grandson told me about the hobby store’s basement and the tunnel leading to the ONI psychiatric facility, and added that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher used to go there for “therapy.”

It should be noted that many supposed wiccan covens contain an inner circle of satanists, who perform various tasks for the Illuminati High Council. Such a “wiccan” cult is located in Yucca Valley, adjacent to the Twenty Nine Palms Marine Base (which has a subterranean flying saucer facility). This particular satanic cult is headed by an Hispanic fellow; its core members have been programmed by the above referenced Cuban psychiatrist to assassinate anyone deemed hostile by the High Council.

Authors of non-fiction books often experience difficulty in aquiring sufficient data to fill a book of normal length. In contrast, the research material aquired by myself over the past three decades has resulted in an overabundance of riches. Consequently, I’ve had to omit much important research material in my book and also shorten some passages.

Had space permitted, the second chapter, which deals with the creation of life (biogenesis) would have delved deeper into what I perceive to be the fundamental hierarchical structure of the universe. My research into the nature of free energy systems suggests that an interrelationship
exists between everything in the universe, harmony being maintained by what we perceive as a cosmic canon of mathematical correspondences, originated by a concious creative intelligence which trancends the universe and is complete unto itself. As the chapter states: “It is quite probable that this creative intelligence, variously referred to as God, Allah, or Hillary Clinton, according to one’s belief structure, administrates by means of a hierarchy of creative agencies imminent within nature, which assist at various transcendental levels in maintaining harmony throughout the cosmos.”

If this postulate is correct, one would expect plantlife to be receiving intelligent signals from somewhere in the cosmos, and this is indeed the case. Despite the claim of the late Dr. Carl Sagan and scientists in his SETI organization that we have not detected intelligent communication from any extraterrestrial source, this is a blatant falsehood. As the chapter relates, George Lawrence developed equipment which has been receiving intelligent signals from the cosmos since 1974.

Interestingly, the component in Lawrence’s electronic equipment which receives the signals from somewhere in the universe (or multiverse) is a transducer which is coated with living plant cells. Lawrence’s equipment has been adopted by NASA.

Sadly, I was only able to give passing recognition on page 72 to a great scientist whose name and scientific work should be as well known to every high school student as that of Einstein, yet has been totally ignored by the scientific community. He is the late Lloyd Zirbes, who was
never able to have his twenty five years of research published; his harassment included the destruction of his laboratory by arson.

Contemporary physics theories, including the work of Albert
Einstein, have been built upon the laws of Newton, who in turn based his work on the writings of Galileo. According to academia, Galileo demonstrated that objects of equal mass but of different physical materials e.g. lead and feathers, fall at the same rate of acceleration in a vacuum. Lloyd Zerbes was astounded to discover that Galileo never made any tests on falling bodies, his claims were pure supposition.

Zirbes accordingly conducted an experiment in which a sphere of iron and a sphere of graphite of equal weight were simultaneously dropped down a two thousand feet mineshaft. At the bottom of the shaft, the final few feet of the fall was recorded by means of a high speed camera.

Amazingly, the graphite sphere, although considerably larger than the iron sphere because of its lower density, and therefore prone to more wind resistance, inpacted when the iron sphere was still six feet from impact.
A similar experiment using spheres of other metals revealed that the iron sphere still impacted later than all the other spheres. Moreover, the spheres diverged considerably from each other prior to impact and also developed a specific rotation when falling.

So what? Only that the work of Galileo, Newton and later scientists was very badly flawed; Zirbes research suggested that the sun is not a gigantic fusion reactor is claimed by academia, but rather consists of thousands of individual bodies which release energy by means of the interaction between their respective gravity fields. In other words, the sun’s energy production is by mechanical not nuclear means, something also claimed by that brilliant scientist and Sumerian scholar, Dr. George Merkl.

After twenty five years of research, Zirbes invented a device which created gravity. So successful was the first test that everything in the lab that was not bolted down, degravitated and flew around, severely injuring the hapless Zirbes in the process. While he was hospitalized, his laboratory, van and some of his research notes were destroyed in an arson fire.

Zirbes stated that there are only two fundamental forces in the universe: motion and gravity. I feel this statement should be modified to read that gravity is compressed, or folded magnetism. Magnetism appears to be the glue that holds the univese together, something which can be illustrated by studying the 525 HP Rory Johnson free energy motor, which now has been classified by the US government, in order to prevent its incorporation into the Greyhound Bus Company coaches.

Among the many things that could be achieved by the application of the Zirbes physics is the injection of contained gravity into any physical matter in order to rearrange the atomic structure, thus producing any desired element.Intelligence (audio and video) could be modulated onto a pulsed Zirbes gravity generator, thus broadcasting gravity.

In recent years, we have been subjected to a plethora of New Age scare stories which have been based on badly flawed logic. Thus a polar flip was to occurr in 2000; it didn’t. Planet Earth was to have been destroyed by the photon belt if not towed to another orbit by benevolent E.T.’s (we’re still here) and we are scheduled to be destroyed by Planet X in 2003 (we won’t be).

An ominous prediction by Lloyd Zirbes is one that we should heed, however. High energy particles emitted from nuclear waste dumps and nuclear tests are accumulating at a rapid rate some three hundred miles above our planet. These deadly particles are creating a repulsive field that will certainly move the planet further from the sun unless we refrain from using nuclear energy. In addition, some of these particles are being repelled by the sun and driven back to earth, resulting in global warming hotspots, radioactive rain and increased volcanic activity.

Since the Zirbes research material has never been officially
published, the reader may be wondering why I am familiar with it. One balmy night several years ago, I attended a garden party in Santa Barbara, California. Suddenly a stranger approached me from out of the gloom and said that he felt that he had to gatecrash the party to deliver a package to someone that he didnt know, and intuitively felt that the person was myself. When I looked at the thick file of papers later, I discovered that it was a copy of Lloyd Zirbes’ research data.

The cover of my book depicts a reptilian wearing a red robe and sporting a gold mask. The creature is depicted holding an octagonal gold emblem, at the center of which is a black cosmic lemniscape (infinity sign). The Illuminati hierarchy are so arrogant that they believe that we mere humans are oblivious of their innermost secrets. Wrong! The creature on the bookcover is wearing the regalia worn by the highest Illuminati echelon at several of their rituals (to be totally accurate, a pallium adorned with a row of lemniscapes and octagons would be worn around the neck).

The octagonal gold emblem held by the creature is a type of identification badge given only to a super secret special security group which is the eyes and ears for members of the octagon, one of the highest levels within the Illuminati. Since the Illuminati is strictly a fear-based cult, only members of the octagon know the true identity of this security group, which is known as the Eyes of the Eight. As I mention in the book, in order to generate abject fear among humans who attend Illuminati rituals, such humans are frequently sacrificed in order to foment fear, even if the
persons have committed no infractions. Recently, for example, the Illuminati High Council of the United States sacrificed three of their most loyal and devoted human aides at a ritual held in Orange County, California.

The indigenous Indian tribes of Central and South America have fared terribly in recent decades as mining, lumber and military interests have perpetrated genocide in order to covet tribal lands. Had space permitted, I would have liked to have included in the chapter on extraterrestrials, a
particularly gruesome account provided by an informant who was a former Peruvian Army member. This informant had served as a security guard at a top secret facility in the jungle. The facility was largely staffed by very tall fair haired men of Nordic appearance. Whether these were extraterrestrials or genetically-engineered neo-Nazi clones is not known.

While stationed there, he claimed to have seen a humanoid in a tank of liquid and flying saucers. What shocked him the most were naked dead Indians from a local tribe, hanging upside down. Tubes inserted in their necks were draining spinal fluid, which he was told was used as a lubricant for special equipment. The informant’s father had worked on the construction of an undersea tunnel, which provided access to flying saucers travelling to an underground facility near Lima, Peru.

Once again, in the Epilogue, space restrictions prevented me from expanding on the real backgrounds of American Founding Fathers Samuel Adams and John Hancock. In keeping with most of the Founding Fathers, these two were not honest patriots as the history books would have us believe, but rather scoundrels who fomented revolution for personal gain.

Adams was a tax collector who would undoubtedly have received a jail sentence for embezzling tax money had the Revolutionary War not occurred. Smuggler John Hancock did not initiate the Boston Tea Party as a protest against high import tarrifs on tea, but rather because the British had lowered the price of tea below that of Hancock’s smuggled tea!. In actuality, as the book states, the Jesuit Superior General instigated the Revolutionary War on behalf of the Illuminati, using the wealthy Jesuittrained Carroll brothers as principal agent provocateurs. This is why the tract of land on which is built the District of Columbia, and owned by the Carroll family, formerly was named Rome.

The book points out that in 1203, King John of England, in his capacity as Crown Corporation Sole, granted the Vatican Corporation Sole ownership of England and her dominions in perpetuity. In return, the Vatican Corporation Sole granted England’s Crown Corporation Sole administrative rights over England and her dominions, in perpetuity. This renders the United States of America, a private corporation and body politic formerly known as the Virginia Company, a satrapy of the Vatican.

If readers care to study the 1783 Treaty of Paris, which absolves King George III of England of future indebtedness to the United States, e.g. picking up the tab for a standing army on American soil, they will observe that King George is presented as Arch Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire and the United States of America. By signing the treaty two years after the Revolutionary War ended, the American signatories (Ben Franklin and John Adams) were acknowledging that King George was still the ruler of America. Total Vatican control over America did not occurr until the 19th century when the treacherous Jesuits initiated passage of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which rendered the laws of the individual sovereign states subservient to those of the United States of America.

I would have included a chapter on the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, except that David dIcke informed me that he was writing a book on the same subject. Not wishing to steal David’s thunder, I will merely say that in January 2001, I was told by a business associate who is on a first name basis with David Rockefeller and Alan Greenspan, that in September 2001, elements within and without the United States Government were planning to create an event which would
hasten the economic collapse of America. The motive for such a diabolical act becomes clear when we note that the company which is the major player in the aquisition of bankrupt American corporations for only a few cents on the dollar, is Huchison Wampaugh, a giant company owned by the Peoples Republic of China, according to the newsmedia. However if we ascertain who the major stockholder is, it is none other than Pilgrim Investments, which is owned by the Bush family!

Why would the Bush family conspire with China, especially as I detail in the book, China and Russia plan to launch a nuclear attack and invasion of America sometime after the beginning of 2004? As is well known, Prescott Bush,Jr, the secret ruler of America, arranged a major resort construction project in China in 1978, just as his brother was elected President of the USA. Since that time, tremendous wheeling and dealing has been conducted between the elder Bush brothers, President Clinton and China, including providing China with advanced weaponry yet to go into service with the American military. Moreover, Wang Jun, the alleged head of Chinese Intelligence in America was observed making trips to the Clinton White House. All of this activity smacks of high treason.

The reason became clear for me last year when I was contacted by an American banker who was representing a multi-billion dollar Chinese Trust. He explained that during the Mao regime, female infanticide in China had been perpetrated on such a vast scale that today there are two hundred million young Chinese men who have no hope of even marrying the ugliest girl in their village. Such a situation has presented China with a dangerous situation. China therefore would like to develop the western regions of China, largely desert, in order to elevate the standard of living. I was invited to develop advanced free energy systems for this project, so that the area could be provided with very inexpensive electrical power.

Unfortunately, the greedy banker wanted loan shark percentages,thereby causing negotiations to collapse (naturally he professed strong Christian leanings). The interesting thing was that he told me that the head of the Chinese Trust informed him that when President Clinton visited China, in addition to visiting Beijing, he was also flown to another Chinese city so that he could visit the grave of his father! The banker was then shown the family tree of the Li bloodline, which is one of the ruling Illuminati bloodlines. The tree revealed that both Clinton and the elder Bush brothers were fathered by the Li bloodlne. It is popularly claimed that Clinton was fathered by a Rockefeller, but this could be a smokescreen, since the head of the Trust was adamant about the Li family tree connection. The problem for me was if this was true why didn’t these men have Chinese facial characteristics? I then remembered that prior to this information, Arizona Wilder had told me that for generations, the Li bloodline had interbred with westerners, so that the offspring could pass as westerners. We must also remember that the Illuminati have very good genetic engineers. This would explain the illicit weapons technology
transfers to China, and why congressperson James Trafficant was recently convicted by a kangaroo court after he tried to stop the current massive influx of Chinese illegal immigrants into the United States, many of whom are probably establishing a military fifth column, preparatory for the planned Chinese invasion of America. In order to aquire an in-depth background on the crimes of the Bush cabal, readers are advised to read the newly-published book Bushwacked, by Uri Dowbenko, published by Conspiracy Digest (www.conspiracydigest.com).

My book claims that religion is a major mind control tool of the Illuminati; it illustrates this by citing the New Testament authoritarian exhortation to “turn the other cheek” and that the “meek shall inherit the earth.” Both passages are typical Illuminati ploys designed to keep humanity in compliant servitude to the Illuminati. Turning the other cheek merely empowers the aggressor to escalate the aggression. A lady in San Diego is married to an alcoholic sailor. For years she endured his savage beatings, inflicted while he was drunk. Because she refrained from retaliating, the beatings progressively more violent. Telling a friend that she feared that she would be beaten to death, her friend suggested that the next time her husband attacked her, she should tie him up after he passed out, then give him a taste of his own medicine. She did just that, binding him after he had passed out in a drunken stupor, then beating him so severely with a piece of lumber that he had to be hospitalized. He has never laid a finger on her since.

Studies have revealed that during WWII, only eleven percent of combat troops had the ability to actually pull the trigger and deliberately kill the enemy soldier in their gunsight. The Merry Christmas Institute has accordingly developed techniques which are routinely used in the training of NATO troops. In consequence, the typical soldier, regardless of nationality, has become a dispassionate killer, responding in the manner of an automaton when commanded to kill. It is the intent of the Illuminati to use these robotic killers (in conjunction with America’s Homeland Security cabal) to round up and execute the world’s citizenry, then in turn progressively execute the killers, thus leaving the planet in the hands of the reptilians and a handful of human slaves. Perhaps this is as it should be, for a species which allows a relative handful of evil entities to enslave them does not deserve to be free.

The Palestinians appear to be a very silly people. Admittedly they have been cruelly treated by the Israeli establishment who, as my book demonstrates, have no divine right to any nation, but the manner in which the Palestinian populace have allowed their various political organizations, e.g. Hamas and the PLO to become infested with Israeli Mossad operatives who, in turn, are under the influence of the Jesuit Superior General, is inexcusable. Last year the newsmedia treated viewers to footage of an Israeli helicopter hovering over a Palestinian city for a long period, while casually firing rockets into a building.

The only resistance to this particular genocide was a handful of children impotently hurling small rocks at this vehicle of death. Surprisingly, Palestine has the world’s largest per capita incidence of PhD’s, yet not one of them had the foresight to have constructed a radio-controlled,gasoline powered rocket equipped with a C4 plastic explosive warhead (C4 plastique is as easy and simple to make as brewing a cup of coffee, using three ingredients obtainable from a hobby shop and a supermarket). Had the Israeli helicopter been destroyed by such a civilian built rocket, the Israeli military would have thought twice before ordering similar attacks on Palestinian territory.

Israel’s only hope for lasting peace is its present generation of students, which is why they are one of the target readerships for my book.

If they are made aware that the State of Israel has no divine claim to their land, then hopefully they will create a word of mouth pandemic which negates the political clout of the Jewish Fundamentalist institutions (the yeshivas) who, in keeping with leading Christian Fundamentalists, are under the direction of London’s Quator Coronati Masonic Lodge. This lodge, in keeping with all the world’s masonic lodges, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic or Protestant) reports to an “unknown superior” who is the Illuminati’s own puppet master, the Jesuit Superior General (the Black Pope).

America is another classic example of a nation which doesn’t
deserve to be free. As was stated above, the 1783 Treaty of Paris acknowleged that America was still ruled by the British Crown after conclusion of the Revolutionary War. This is why all American Federal courts display the flag of the United States with a gold fringe added. This signifys that the trial is being conducted under British Admiraly Law and that the courtroom is an enclave. An enclave is a place where the laws of a foreign power preva ils. A foreign embassy in an enclave. When you entera foreign embassy you waive all rights to the laws of your nation, and become subservient to the laws of that particular embassy’s country. In a similar manner, Americans entering a Federal courtroom displaying a flag bearing a gold fringe, automatically waive their constitutional rights.

Since Article 4 of the American Constitution specifically prohibits the establishment of a state (enclave) within any of the American sovereign states, Federal judges are committing treason and should be dealt with accordingly. Some Americanjudges even blatantly tell the defendants that they are not permitted to cite the Constitution during the trial!

A prime example of a corrupt Federal judge being monitored by partisans, is one who is a habitual cocaine user. She currently is a Federal prosecutor, presumably for the purpose of protecting drug cartel members.

Not surprisingly, she is a prominent member of the Daughters of the Eastern Star cult, whose logo displays an inverted pentagram.

A practical way for Americans to free themselves from the yoke of the British Crown, would be for the American public to demand that Americans of Flag Officer rank (Admirals and Generals) effect a military arrest of the Bush criminal cabal, members of Congress and all Federal judges on charges of treason (there’s an overabundance of evidence) then demand the rescinding of the 1783 Treaty of Paris and the Virginia Charter. Until that happens, a large portion of American tax money will legitimately end up each year in the coffers of the British Crown. It’s high time that the American public awoke from their long slumber and realize that General Cornwallis only surrendered the battle of Yorktown to General Washington, not the Revolutionary War, which Britain won on behalf of the Illuminati by covert means.

The history of Planet Earth, as recorded by the ten official
Illuminati historians, was compared with other historical and archaeological informational sources in order for me to arrive at a realistic revisionist global history for the book, for we are unable to aquire enlightenment unless we become knowledgeable about the true patterns of the past. Humans generally assume, for instance, that the Book of Genesis is not associated with any reptilian race, yet the Illuminati hierarchy are adamant that Genesis is their book, which I have to agree with, for the Illuminati dragons here on earth were cast out of their homeland in another astral realm because of their evil ways (many dragons in other realms of existence are quite spiritually evolved).

Although the earthbound dragons are barred from returning to their original homeland, a few humans possess the key which is necessary to visit there (certain members of the Afghani Kawajaghan and a few high level Illuminati mind control survivors know what I’m referring to).

In conclusion, I would like to announce that a Japanese translation of my book is in progress. If things work out satisfactorily, it will include an appendix displaying photographs of authentic reptilian mummies, some
photos of which I have viewed.
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