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Message Subject WHAT IF... the Anunnaki-reptilian-invasion is an Illuminati false flag???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Annunakis are not reptilian, I know it.
Marduk is however not an occultist and it would have been a great fall if he were to have been Ra. I think Ra is one of the Annunakis that have left with Nibiru (I tend to think Nibiru is not a planet but some kind of mothership - as it been described Nibiru to be a dead planet holed in the inside and then used for long travels).

But you are right, depicting them as reptilian is well on the agenda. However this has also to do with the Fallen Angels who had a bad experience with reptilians and from that day think anything coming from Orion would be a reptilian (for lack of better description).
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