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Message Subject religitards, dont you understand that the illuminati wrote the fucking bible and invented the fucking printing presses to print them en masse ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Consatantine created Christianity as a way to unify a disparate multi-cultural empire, from the best they had available at the time - how real any jesus figure was can only be guessed at.

The hitheto powers behind the thones, the Babylonian mystery religions soon took Christianity over and began remaking it to serve thier puposes as the Church of Rome - they specifically did not want the ordinary masses from reading the bible as the religion they practised was so different from the bible, Popes decreed that any non-priest reading the bible was to be stoned to death, readings were strictly in latin.

When the masses finally realised what was in the bible thanks to the printing press and common language translations - Protestantism took off like wildfire - RC lost Northern Europe and England - hence the creation of the Jesuits to win back all of the protestant lands under the Popes control, they were given power to depose Kings, start wars, lie dissemble cheat and murder.

Many times they were banned from nations only to re-appear, finally the Pope was forced to announce the dissolution of the Jesuit order by threats and demands from European Kings.

The jesuits simply went underground and founded the illuminati, who then infiltrated and took over the top degrees of Freemasonry - there has been no stopping them since, they are the NWO!
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