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Message Subject religitards, dont you understand that the illuminati wrote the fucking bible and invented the fucking printing presses to print them en masse ?
Poster Handle anonymous coward
Post Content
"rofl you actually think 'satan' is some dude?"

ROFLMAO! Satan is a Cherebum. That makes him a supernatural entity. God is a SuperNatural entity. Christ is a supernatural entity. A supernatural entity can "appear" to be anyone or anything they so choose at anytime. Hence the definition of Super Natural. (more than natural)


by the by: Lucifer is only ALLOWED to engage in whatever capacity God so chooses at any given time in any given age, period. He works for the Lord our God whether he much likes it, or not! He is useful in determining the direction that those of us granted Free Will choose to take with our lives on earth and hence with our souls in regard to the eternity.

gird yer loin kiddo, you ain't seen nuthing yet.
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