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Message Subject religitards, dont you understand that the illuminati wrote the fucking bible and invented the fucking printing presses to print them en masse ?
Poster Handle chris999
Post Content
I have kinda been thinking this for a while now, even though I beleive in God, and my family are Christian, I just dont buy into the virgin birth and the ressurection. I think that the real antichrist is the church, who brainwashed people into Zionism even though Jesus never mentioned jewish people as the chosen people. Nowhere is Zionism mentioned in the bible except for the book of Revelations, which is newer than the rest of the New Testament, and seems like it 'doesnt belong'.

I am 99% certain that the illuminati wrote the book of Revelations, but I think Jesus may have been real, and that his gift to humanity was to free us from the church and from priests who were controlling us.
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