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Message Subject religitards, dont you understand that the illuminati wrote the fucking bible and invented the fucking printing presses to print them en masse ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
all the authors worked for the illuminati bloodline families. the only reason it's the most printed book on the planet is because the illuminati invented the printing presses for the sole purpose to give out the mind control documents to everyone on the planet.

the piso illuminati family wrote the fucking book of revelations fer fuck sakes

the only reason it's coming true, is because it's their fucking playbook!

the whole jesus thing, was a staged event, an ancient inside job, just like 911, smoke and mirrors for the masses

god how dumb are yall ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 960475

Actually, most if not all, of the ancient original writings say something very different than what was put in the Bible.

The code-set that the government and/or leaders, that hold this official set of translation material, are using a set that's about a thousand years newer than the originals.

Meanings and ways of putting the symbols and words down in writing changed multiple times in the ancient past, so using this official data-set to transcribe with, makes all those writings completely F'd up.

That's where the main problem is. The Illuminati didn't write the Bible, but they've secured a way to make sure everyone reading it, hasn't a clue what it's really supposed to say. I've said for a while now, that the true writings were something that was fought over and killed for, and to think they allowed us to have the truth, is a huge misconception. There is no length of lying, cheating, stealing and murder they will go to, in order to keep it that way. They count on people staying as sheep-like as possible.

That includes Michael Heiser's group of professional translators as well.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1520917

Oh, just to add, the Book of Revelations has "The Book of the Dead" written all over it, so that book for sure, comes from a different mindset. It's clear that those bloodlines who are/were part of the Original Rosicrucian Order, and the ancient Mystery School teachings, are behind the last book.
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