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Message Subject religitards, dont you understand that the illuminati wrote the fucking bible and invented the fucking printing presses to print them en masse ?
Poster Handle chris999
Post Content
the illuminati were founded in 1776, thousands of years after the bible was written, and began spreading atheism and godlessness as their first priority
 Quoting: spiritfilled111

The group that was organized into the Illuminati is an ancient order. They have hidden throughout the hierarchies of society for over a 1000 years.

They probably gained power in the Roman empire, but after the collapse, they hid within the top circles of institutions like the Roman Catholic Church, the Templars and the Rosicrutians.

Just like they are now found within structures such as the Bilderburgs, CFR and the international banks.

The 'Illuminati' is an oversimplified term that is used to describe the same ancient order that has changed names throughout history.
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