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Shcill effect of the eugenics movement(BEWARE OF THE.....

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United States
05/28/2010 12:50 AM
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Shcill effect of the eugenics movement(BEWARE OF THE.....
Eugenics, Even mention the word and all credibility with who you speak to is lost.

This surprises me that my "peers" will not acknowledge that historically Tribal leaders have been known to maim young boys that appear may be a threat in the future.

It shocks me to learn that few know of the CROW SOCIETY,a group that existed within the Cherokee that made midnight raids on their own people during times of famine or infighting.

The land itself dictates the story's played upon it. These stories repeat and repeat and only lesson when we learn our lesson.

I for one only fear one thing. Fear,That shit makes you act crazy.

Myan code of conduct...


The Myan experiment may have been a success,no repeats there.
or perhaps a failure, what are the fruits of the labor?

Eugenics,hmm I cannot decide how probable this scenario is, Ultimately before considering action because of some new seemingly relevant information consider the shill effect that may be arisen from such B.S. as broad daylight Genocide.

I mean if I was a Chaos Profiteer I may want my critics looking at billionaires as satanist, Nazi, Eugenics practitioners that need to be eliminated, when in fact by stirring such ridiculous accusations to incite a riot for the primary goal of profiteering from the chaos created.

Pwwew I guess you all already figured that out already.

"Beware the riot gear salesman" nrg peace