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Message Subject Google has created a virtual GPS on YOUR laptop/desktop computer/cellphone. Really!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
From google's link.....

Master advanced features: My LocationShare
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Comment Print My Location provides more accurate local search results on Google when information is available. It also offers the W3C Geolocation API to third party websites with your permission.

Tip: Visit Google Maps and click the My Location button above the zoom slider. Click Share my location if you give your permission for Google Maps to use your location, and the map should center on your approximate location, if available.

Enable or disable My Location
My Location is off by default. Once you elect to share your location with Google or a third party website, the My Location icon appears on your Toolbar to indicate that My Location is active (active means that Toolbar is keeping your location up to date in the background). You can click this icon at any time to turn off My Location and stop sharing location with websites. Click the icon to re-enable it.

1.Click the Toolbar's wrench icon.
2.On the Tools tab, select (or deselect) the 'My Location' checkbox.
3.Click Save.
Note: When My Location is enabled, you may see prompts asking you to share your location with specific websites. To stop these requests from appearing, click the 'Remember this site' checkbox before clicking Share my location.

We use information transmitted by nearby WiFi access points to determine your approximate location. Accuracy and coverage will vary by location, and we're working to improve both over time.

When My Location is active, Toolbar will automatically send local network information (including, but not limited to, visible WiFi access points) to Google Location Services in order to determine your location. This information is not tied to your Google Account, and you can disable the My Location feature at any time by clicking the My Location icon. Alternatively, you can disable the feature for a specific site:

1.Click the Toolbar's wrench icon.
2.On the Tools tab, click the Edit link next to the 'My Location' checkbox.
3.Select the site you'd like to remove from the list.
4.Click Remove site.
Toolbar does save your last location in the browser's memory so that websites can easily retrieve it. This information is periodically updated; the frequency of updates depends on changes to your location network information
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