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Property Insurance Companies in Louisiana - Oil spill damage not covered in event of Hurricane

Yee Haw

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United States
06/03/2010 10:58 AM
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Re: Property Insurance Companies in Louisiana - Oil spill damage not covered in event of Hurricane
why would anyone be stupid enough to live in an area that is below sea level

that whole area of Louisiana is nothing but a glorified swamp

so now they take the consequences, whatever they are

oil, hurricane, water damage, unemployment

a crying shame, seriously

I would never put my family there

That’s about as asinine an argument as one can come up with.

I wouldn’t put my family in California because of earthquakes, Washington DC because of the rampant crime, Arizona because of the heat, Hawaii because of the possibility of tsunamis, North Dakota because of the freezing weather, Oklahoma because of the tornadoes. State your city/state of residence and I can dig up a reason why not to live there. The only thing in your statement that is decent is the fact that it is a crying shame…a crying shame that the people will get screwed over yet again.

The marshes of Louisiana and the people that live and work in those areas are more important to the country than most people know. Add to the fact that the Port of New Orleans is one of the busiest in the country. Louisiana and her residents have always been treated as the red headed step child. You statement only adds to the ignorance of people that are not from, nor understand the importance of, the area.
 Quoting: NoMoreFEMA 982186

All those states along the New Madrid fault line and those in the west that are near Yellowstone-(volcano)
All those states impacted by forest fires every year
All those states impacted by floods from winter run-off an spring storms.

I live where there are hurricanes and find myself pretty safe because I know ahead of time when to leave.

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