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Message Subject Is Stephen Colbert an Illuminati?
Poster Handle Follwer of YHWH
Post Content
Ok, so I've never really bought too much into the "devil horn" consiracy thing. Mostly I always thought it was just a "rock and roll" thing, that people flash to the camera, kind of like a peace sign or whatever.

But I'm watching the Colbert Report, and he throws up the sign as just a part of his body languange while he's talking a the beginning of the show, and it just seemed weird. It wasn't like he was going 'rock and roll', it was just like a sign he made while he was talking.
I dont get it.
 Quoting: zombieintraining

Actually that sign goes back to the very first photos taken back in the 1860s and MUCH earlier. I watched a video earlier on it.
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