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Message Subject Is Stephen Colbert an Illuminati?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok, so I've never really bought too much into the "devil horn" consiracy thing. Mostly I always thought it was just a "rock and roll" thing, that people flash to the camera, kind of like a peace sign or whatever.

But I'm watching the Colbert Report, and he throws up the sign as just a part of his body languange while he's talking a the beginning of the show, and it just seemed weird. It wasn't like he was going 'rock and roll', it was just like a sign he made while he was talking.
I dont get it.
 Quoting: zombieintraining

Mano Cornuto is a very ancient magical sign used to 'channel' energy just like an antenna.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

An accomplished sorceror can use this hand signal to draw in power from others.

An uninitiated person who uses this handsign is inadvertantly sending his energy out to be harvested.
This is why it is promoted in conjunction with sporting events and heavy metal music, it is collecting and sending all of that aggressive energy right back up to our masters to use against us.

So, is Colbert Illuminati? Kinda hate to give him that much credit, but he is definitely part of the set up to foster ridicule of serious subjects instead of investigating important issues wisely.
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