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Waiting for Armageddon - The Israel Connection

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06/02/2010 12:10 AM
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Waiting for Armageddon - The Israel Connection
This is what religion and blind faith gets us. Check this doc out...Thought it was relevant.

I saw an interesting documentary that might throw some light on why USA is so heavily invested in Israel and i thought it might be of interest for you guys.
Some will hate it, some will dig it, some will yawn.

America's 50-million strong Evangelical community is convinced that the world's future is foretold in Biblical prophecy - from the Rapture to the Battle of Armageddon. This astonishing documentary explores their world - in their homes, at conferences, and on a wide-ranging tour of Israel. By interweaving Christian, Zionist, Jewish and critical perspectives along with telling archival materials, the filmmakers probe the politically powerful - and potentially explosive - alliance between Evangelical Christians and Israel...an alliance that may set the stage for what one prominent Evangelical leader calls "World War III."

By portraying the Evangelical apocalyptic worldview from within their community, Waiting for Armageddon seeks to clarify the elusive relationship between Christian Zionists and Jews, and foster dialogue among dissenting groups. In the end, the film asks whether this large American voting block is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of international holy war.