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06/02/2010 06:52 AM
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OK, my wife was diagnosed with OCD and PTSD about a year and a half ago.

This past wednesday she made me go and talk to someone..guy asked me questions for about an hour. Then called my wife in the room went back over it to make sure I was telling the truth (I guess) and said I have OCPD.

So....I can not find any more info than what is on the wiki page. Most of all articles are just cut and paste.

The real question is he meds they gave me were a NDRI where as my wife was given an SSRI. If they are both OCD then why wouldn't we be on at least the same type

SSRI acts on Serotonin where as NDRI acts on dopamine. My next apt isn't until Friday and I'm sure someone else is or has gone thought something like this. Any help would be nice.
Yes, I know my spelling and use of punctuation stinks.