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BURNING CONSCIENCE: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out

Texas Uncensored (OP)

User ID: 992008
United States
06/04/2010 04:45 AM
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Re: BURNING CONSCIENCE: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out

 Quoting: Aquarius 7

I think this is highly propagandized. It flies in the face of the night time action that actually occurred, and fails to mention that the choppers fired on the flotillas before they were boarded.

It also does not explain why they used photos of many common household and kitchen items from a few years ago, and now call them weapons.
[link to ibnkafkasobiterdicta.wordpress.com]

If it takes flotillas of courageous people bringing relief supplies, knowing they are risk to do so, to expose the atrocities being done to the Palestinian people, then the more the merrier. Yes, the vessels should be checked before docking.
But, fired on and then boarded? that is an act of war against citizens from many countries, including a 19 year old American boy who was shot 4 times in the head at point blank range. He was unarmed.

This isn't about religion, or tribes. It is about humanity. This is right up there with Somalia, or the Taliban. I see no difference in the behavior or the results.