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Message Subject Some Muslims believe President Obama is their awaited Messiah
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Obama is completely pro-jewish and supports Israel 100% so I find it very strange that Muslims believe he is their Messiah. They must all be walking around with their eyes closed.
 Quoting: anonymous coward 981119


the True Muslims know that Jesus will come down to face the Antichrist, and Obama Impossible he will be is the Messiah ...

jesus will come down and he rule the earth as a prophet not as a president...
and the Mahdi Differs from Antichrist , almahdi muslim and the Antichrist jews ..
almahdi will be the leader of the muslims and he will be caliph for all muslim and He does not do miracles as the Antichrist ... Antichrist he will be the leader of jews and he coming from Iran ...
so Read the prophecies of Islam from the correct sources and try again ...
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