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NWO...Stealth mode on.

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United Kingdom
06/05/2010 08:25 PM
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NWO...Stealth mode on.
I drew up this reply to another thread but felt it needed a thread of it's own.
I'm thinking the NWO agenda is no longer viable as an open source program.
It has been realised the sheeple are not so stupid people.
It has been comnpromised, hence switching to stealth mode.

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

Women were pawns, just like the minorities for the "progressive" hippy agenda.

After working all their lives AND doing the laundry, cooking etc. (like the Boomers told us to, through shows like "Mary Tyler Moore")
After holding up examples like loud mouthed "Maude"
After promising their lives would be so fulfilling and grand if they burned our bras.
After totally de-balling men to the point where they no longer honor women and family and have any character and fortitude (thank you feminism)
After brainwashing an entire generation to think day care was so progressive.....
After the endless pursuit of "staying young and in the game" ....
all the brainwashing of the Boomers' media and societal engineering...

Yeah "Mary Tyler Moore" can look forward to sitting in a retirement home, with no husband, no family, no career and loud mouthed "Rhoda" for company and an illegal who doesn't give a fuck about her to change her sheets. Some life.
 Quoting: A woman who sees it coming.... 932104

Excellent :D

They needed to tap into the unused work force, staying ahead of the game and inflation, fudging and knowing the the numbers , all about the money.
In regard to femi men everywhere, I think people are taking a few examples from a greater gene pool and making them the general rule when generally, people are still the same.

Of course, with millions of males growing up fatherless after 2 world wars, that didn't exactly help some men become manlike, hence the rise of feminism and socially accepted homosexuality.
Since this, society has given rise to many made up names.
Invented, new, to force feed us with liberal, pc, soppy poppycock and run with the growing trends that sprung from large events , the subtle destruction of the family, morals and shifts in "normal" thinking and accepted norms to an obviously ongoing degrading standard.

You would think World Wars would be long but 4/5 years each way is, if you think about it pretty short.
Not that anyone in their right mind would wish them to last longer.
There was a main reason but there were secondary considerations and practical applications as well.
These were to,in the interim, make profit and cull the population , as siphoned off bonuses, never waste a crisis and all that but the primary reason was obviously to introduce the League of Nations and then the United Nations.

These world wars could have dragged on for 8/9/10 years but they had to be done in the shortest possible time frame, whilst allowing just enough time to allow secondary benefits possible and to appear devastating, which they obviously where but they could have been much worse.

This is going to happen again. Maye not as a thermo- nuclear war but in many different ways.
Small wars breaking out all over the globe, environmental devastation and disasters, food shortages, fiscal collapse, psychos running rampant in quite British villages, and American campuses will have quite an effect on people, slowly but surely, until, as many here have shown, it starts "freaking them out."

A large amount of singular , localized events, effecting most of the globe on a daily basis for a couple of years will probably lead to mass neurosis and to some kind of "International Federation" ( new meme) that will make everything better for all, after copious servings of sufferings and doomage of course.

Now let's talk about what this Federation would like to implement and how they will enact these "under the radar".........

User ID: 989174
United States
06/05/2010 08:34 PM
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Re: NWO...Stealth mode on.

Respect is the essence of love fear is its opposite.