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Message Subject The Human Ego is the Veil the Veil is being lifted
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Huamn Ego is the Veil and the veil is being lifted

*** = (Within)
You/Me/Us (Life)

The Human Ego is a complex system of beliefs about "***"
based around individual experiences that teach us how to see ourselves.

From the time we are born, we see ourselves through the outside world.
Survival instinct tells us to mimic our sourroundings to survive.
As so,We learn language and motor skills, personality traits and belief systems.

Once school starts we learn to socialize with others by playing with our newly established human ego.
Testing others and gaining a broader understanding of ourselves, all the while our Ego leads the way.

Starting from the moment we are born untill the time we die we are learning how to "Be"

The Ultimate lesson of this Age.
Being misled and deceived, only to find it was was our own ego leading us astray to teach us a valuable lesson.

We are learning on a global scale how to see the truth of "***" , through the lessons the "veil" reflects back to us.

Why do you think BP is showing live feed of this oil disaster? To distract you from the truth.
We love it, lap it up, cover ourselves in self rightiousness and judgment.
We point out the bad guys, proclaim we are the good guys and rain a tirade on "evil".
Its an oxymoron in itself. To fight for Peace?

Distract "***" At all costs.
One human ego to see the truth that "***" holds, is too many. One Human Ego to reach singularity within the human mind matrix has the power to transmute all of the negative Karma byproduct within the earth matrix. But when intergrated whithin the human mind matrix, this revelation will spread within the collective human psych like wild fire.
Create a world of chaos and desire, filled with temptations and fear, keep the mind and heart occupied, doubting in itself, feeling disconnected and confused.
Make sure it is never obvious this is the intent.
The veil of deception must be crafty and translucent, as so the revelation will be hid within the shadows of the veil's cast.

Listen to the silence before the thought, it holds the key to freedom.

manic rant 621
 Quoting: Miss Manic

Since awareness has no knowledge of itself. The only thing it can relate to and identify itself with is the thoughts that spring forth from the subconscious, which over a quick period of time builds up a character, a personality, a belief system, and an ego.

Like psychosis where one hears voices and then believes what they say, so are those who think and believe what they think.

Regardless, with awareness having no knowledge of itself it will only get lost in those thoughts again. Such is the subconscious, a persistent well that cannot run dry, and the irrigation of this world continually adds to it.

You are the silence before the thought.

The thought is the karma.
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