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Message Subject The Human Ego is the Veil the Veil is being lifted
Poster Handle T of G
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dwelling in thoughts, especially concerning the past and the future keeps you in the illusion of time and ego.

the present moment - the NOW, is the only access to the source of existence! free of thoughts, but full of feelings!

this moment, is the only one where your ego cannot exist!

and everytime you loose yourself in the silence, the ego comes quickly and begins it´s noise all over again!

because the silence is the greatest threat for it, it is it´s death...

it is constantly concerned with things that are NOT...

it identifies with the past, which is NO MORE...

it is concerned with the future, which is NOT YET...

for the ego itself is NOT, it is NOTHING...

it is an artificial plastic thing, wanting to look as if it were alive...
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