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Message Subject Hello KATLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poster Handle cg
Post Content
Air travel would not be feasible, there would be a danger in breathing the very, very tiny and razor sharp shards of volcanic ash will kill a lot of people, flouride cloud could kill a lot of people, and livestock, the temperature drop would halt food production in Europe, Canada and North America, shortages. It will not wipe us out but it would be a huge problem for our fragile society, we cut a lot of corners to have the luxury of modern life, BP cut corners for that oil and paid the price, nature shows what happens when we do that.
In the previous centuries, life was much, much harder but people were very independent, farmed on their own, took care of each other. There are also maybe 8 times as many people now. relying on farmers to grow and transport their goods.
Also, Katla with the gulf makes things worse, and with a west coast eq, still worse. It is a combination of disasters that sends humanity to the bottom really fast.
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