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06/14/2010 06:10 PM
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Despite many sources saying that the sinkholes (or whatever you would even call them) across the globe are a normal, natural occurrence, there is undeniably an increase in numbers. It is also incredibly bizarre to see so many happening all over the world.

The one of course in Guatemala:
[link to news.nationalpost.com]

One in Quebec that swallowed a family (and their house):
[link to news.suite101.com]

Thread: Huge Sinkhole Blocks 4 Lanes - I-44 East and Westbound in Tulsa Oklahoma

Multiple in China:
[link to blogs.telegraph.co.uk]
[link to www.chinasmack.com]

I think most of us understand what would typically lead to a sinkhole being created (if not here is an easy (basic) illustration: [link to www.gly.uga.edu] They are not completely uncommon in any developed city with water mains and sewers (2 smaller sinkholes within the last few days in Edmonton and Montreal, for example). Only, why all at the same time? Why now? Too much moisture combined with shifting earth? Some kind of portals opening up? Sign of things to come? It is understandable that earth being eroded by moisture will - and does - lose stability, but so perfectly circular? And so many at once?

Anything at this point is just speculation, but it certainly seems to be just one more thing on top of all of the other natural disasters, wars on the verge, and economic doom.
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