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GLP Survey Results: Approximately 75% Say Doom For At Least The Gulf And Possibly Beyond


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United States
06/21/2010 09:47 AM
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Re: GLP Survey Results: Approximately 75% Say Doom For At Least The Gulf And Possibly Beyond
I say it's high time we do something to clean this mess up!

I have created a petition that points out real solutions that can be used to clean up the oil. Please go read it and then sign it. I have a huge list of all the email addresses of every Senator, all of Congress as well as every media source (online and televised) As soon as I get a ton of signatures, I will be forwarding my petition on to them all.

We can do this!!! This is the website address to see and sign it:
[link to www.thepetitionsite.com]

Here is a copy of the petition:

We The People Must Act to Save the Gulf!

Target: Solutions - Action and Activism
Sponsored by: K Orell

It has become quite clear after approximately two months that nothing is really being done to remedy this disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and clean things up. Itís time to act and now before the entire world is polluted! There are remedies to clean up this huge mess of oil. Itís time to take things in our own hands! Please sign this petition that will be forwarded to all members of government as well as all sources of media, both online as well as televised. Itís time for us to act! I would like to have at least 10,000 signatures within the next 48 hours to send this on and get something done. Thanks for pulling together to save our planet! Please share this with everyone so we can really make a difference!!

Here are several things that can be done on many levels. Some can be done by individual citizens or by communities. Others can be implemented with local and Federal government levels. Itís time we all stop standing around waiting for others to take care of our problems. This affects all life on this planet, some sooner and others later.

1st solution Grand Scale Plan

Perfect Science A.D.

Websites for more information

[link to www.gulfoilsolution.info]

[link to www.gulfoilsolution.info]

[link to perfectsciencetradesecret.webs.com]

[link to rejuvenationsarasota.blogspot.com]

After many years of research, it has been proven that Perfect Science A.D. technology restores the ecological balance of nature. This revolutionary technology reverts polluted water, soil and air back to their pure natural states by breaking down the bonds of hydrocarbons, altering their structure by encapsulating the molecules, thereby, reducing the pollutants to their harmless and even beneficial constituents, amino acids and fatty acids.

2nd solution Ė Cheap easy solution using HAY which can be utilized by anyone from local organizations to individuals!

3rd solution - Gradek Energies (Canadian company) Ė Hydrocarbon technologies that capture oil safely and recovers it for reuse!

4th solution Ė University of Pittsburgh has a piece of chemically treated cotton cloth is able to separate crude oil from sea water without absorbing the water. Contact gaod@pitt.edu for details. See demonstration here:

5th solution - Microbial Bioremediation (Oil eating Microbes) [link to spillfighters.com]
Microbes occur in nature (in fact humans have over a pound of microbes in their bodies) and each type of microbe is programmed to do certain tasks. Some decompose plant matter, others help break down toxins. In the last 20 years scientists have been able to find and Ďharvestí these naturally occurring oil-eating microbes from around the world and increase their reproduction cycle so that trillions are now available to help us!

 Quoting: keorell

Thank you for this.

I was discussing the Gulf disaster with my father last night. He was tellng me about how BP was not letting volunteers in to help with the clean up. This is something that I sense is a developing situation.

The bigger this mess gets, the bigger the confrontation will be between BP and those people who want to do something to help.


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