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Message Subject My Grandpa was a 33rd degree mason
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I found out a few days ago that my grandpa was a 33rd degree mason. I started to connect the dots a few days ago and I told my dad and my dad confermed it. Let me tell you how I connected the dots. My GRANDMA seems to know where I go what I do on a daily basis.. and I have always wondered how in the world she knows what I do and where I go.. Let me ask you.. does this meen im being spied on? And I also found a mason bible that looks totally diffrent than what the Usuall bible is... And my grandma and mom seem to be very sneaky and secretive on stuff and so was my grandpa untill he passed away a few years ago. So I went to my dad told him my grandpa was a freemason.. and my dad responded with.. "I already knew that". Now I have been wondering today .. does that make me a freemason by blood? or am I exempt from that cult? I have noticed I have gotten away with stuff that alot of people wouldent get away with.. Like I was in a hurry to get to work and I got pulled over for doing 20 over and I did not get a ticket.. this happened 4 times actually in the past 7 years. You see.. its little stuff like that that makes me wonder.. Is it connections or is it coincidence. I dont want to be a freemason.. But am I one by blood because my grandpa was a high ranking one? or am I free?
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banana2my grandpas a mason 2 but hes very secretive abput it. he said it just depends on what i believe but i dont think masons are bad people they stand for helping others no matter what. even though they may be worshipers of Lucifer they're really nice. dont feel bad. and u cant be a 33rd degree mason by blood it depends on wat u belive
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