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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
Antarctic Melting Causes Flights To Be Stopped (24th Oct 2012)
 Quoting: Isis7

Link to article in vid : [link to www.abc.net.au]

I agree that it is pretty wierd idd that they invested so much money in a project that didnt deliver

Quote article : The $46 million Antarctic air link opened four years ago with the expectation of 20 flights to the Wilkins runway near Casey Station each season.
But two years ago there were just two flights and last season there were four.
Australian Antarctic Division chief Tony Fleming said six flights were planned for the coming months, but there were no plans for flights in January because it will be too warm.

Quote article : The Wilkins runway is nearly 3,500 kilometres from Hobart and is used to get vital equipment, medical supplies, people and food to the continent.
While Australia can and does use the American runway at McMurdo Station, the problems that arise in January have prompted the Government to consider alternatives.
Six flights are planned for the coming months, to carry about 80 people south and bring back about 140.

Isnt that a bit much ?

Less people IN [80] ... what KIND of people ? Special units ? ...

Is this the real reason they tell us? Or can we think that the real reason for 'almost no flights' is more BEZERK ? and AUgie related ?

Whare did those shocked scientists came from ? Was that Russia or McMurdo ?
Where did the sick personel came from flown away last year ?

And isnt next quote a bit of a contradiction ?

Quote article: Melting ice is not the only problem in Antarctica at the moment.
While the runway experiences problems because the ice is a bit soft, Australia's supply ship, the Aurora Australis, is currently stuck because there is too much ice.
"What's happened is that a northerly [wind] has blown ice against the ship," Mr Fleming said.


I know that cold winds can temporarily and locally cauze ice ... but somehow it made a bit contradictional impression to me.

And the ship is measuring the ice ... I wonder if they are also investigating the effects of the cosmic-rays and neutrino's in the ice and whether they change the looks and composition of it ....
Maybe also of evidence and effects of Synthia ? ... or AUgie ? Or both ? Or/and the other arti-bugs released to influence the oil and the waters ....

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