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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
---snipped quoted posts---

They didn't convey the information very efficiently, very amateurish, 9 minutes is too long to explain something that should take 4 minutes.

It was Wheeler that got me, top rank guy beaten to death. I would have thought heaven and earth would have been moved to get to the bottom of that. Because it wasn't the implication for me was they knew exactly [the authorities] why and who killed him.

Whether you follow the scientific, spiritual, intelligence or human aspects of this situation with the development of the sinkhole this situation is not flash. Real peoples lives are on the line and I feel the frustration of these people.

Throughout this is is obvious at some level the US government knows exactly what is going on.

The Whole GOM is a mess because of Oil drilling/extraction, all because the controller don't want to lose control by allowing green and alternative energy systems go mainstream.

A bunch of Corporations messing with the whole world over a game they play, the Game of Commerce and world domination.

I have watched intel agencies use CT sites and magazines for years to seed and prime ideas in order to help people jump to conclusions.

There are major operations underway around the world with Global agendas.

I don't know why some people have sold out the CT community, but money does not seem enough, the enlightened among us know our existence is eternal, so why worry or give any credence to physical life and threats.

Pick your side or not according to your nature. Either way the truth will come out at some stage.

I should add many people on this thread are connected to highly psychic people, they KNOW things, not point trying to mislead people deliberately who have those skills it just doesn't take.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21858603

Better 9min amateurish then not at all ;)
Every attention is usefull and could spark the interest or compassion and action of an other person. Not everyone is triggered by the same words or needs more time to "be in the information".
I am glad you are a quick uptaker :)

Ofcoz they know exactly who are killed and why !
So NO better NO MEDIA followup and [others] 'Sherlocking' around.

I agree about the 'controler not letting go' and the 'green energy'! And also the 'Game of the Corps' ... and also agree with the intel-seeds.

Now, the little part I have a different opinion about is this : "the enlightened among us know our existence is eternal, so why worry or give any credence to physical life and threats."

-->> You are right to call those who dont care about threats and dont worry anymore "The Enlightened" ... They THINK they are Enlightened !!!
But with such an air and posture, they are FAR from what they THINK they are !!! lolsign
With the thoughts they have they almost cut themselves loose from any Earthly Matter and pain and grief and any emotion and process that they consider 'a lower vibration' ...
And WE all know that "cutting loose" is putting you in solitude and on an island [spiritual and transformational] ...
Here in Bezerk we have shown the importance of 'Harmonising with Earth' and 'to be in synchronity with her' in order to be able to level-up to the amount of neutrino's and other cosmic rays penetrating Earth, and both affecting Her and Us, and be able to carry and pass safely and healthy the energy [that rises] without damage ...
Imo, only BY and THROUGH COMPASSION and CONNECTION we will survive and will most of us pass the transformational changes. The Earth NEEDS US and we NEED HER in this process we decided to give our dedication on when we were born in this realm.

Those who are compassionate and conscious know that their souls are Eternal, BUT WHAT WE DO WITH OUR LIVES AND ENERGY WHILE HERE IN THIS BODY AND ON THIS PLANET, IS OF CRUCIAL IMPORTANCE ! WE set the Seeds for the energy of the future, our INTENT is crucial !!!

Those who name themselves "Enlightened" are "EnLITEned" .. they see themselves as an ELITE and are therefore not less then TPTB. Many Elites are infiltrated in the spiritual sects to derail and 'capture' souls with their honey-coated-poisoned words ...

Tnx for your words :)
Yes there are people on here who are psychic.

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