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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
Hello Pre/Per and all the rest,
I will respond in green to the Quotes of Acolyte.
Ofcoz there are many things that I have said/posted before, that I do not agree with some information given and filled in by Acolyte.
It needs to be said that some of his higher ranked colleagues did also not agree with some conclusions Aco made.

But reading it again now, some odd things light up, .. Those I will respond to.

"Neutrinos activate Augie?"
 Quoting: Aco

It will turn out [in science] that neutrino's are behind many changes happening, also in our DNA. Neutrino's DO interact, though rarely ... untill recently ....

Just think of it this way : If our vibration was to be compared with the radiance of a golfball, in the last years ours and Earths HertZ went UP .. from once about 7 till now around 12 or 13 ... that boosted our own vibration to the size of a basketball !
The higher the vibration the more likely it is to interact with other matter and neutrino's ... wich you could compare like a moth to a lightsource > the stronger the light, the more moths it will attract and the easier it will be spotted.
Thats also why neutrino's interaction [by the blue Cherenkov light] is more seen around nuclear stations > the frequency and magnetic fields.
Also when our vibration changes, our magnetic fields change with them ... and our magnetic abilities ! [psychic abilities] And as we learned : magnetics and TIME are linked so our timeperception changes !!!

Thus >>> Where a lot of neutrino's are able [and attracted] to react with matter [this can be any matter: water, solids, plasma's, etc ...] its becoz these places vibrate differently ! These places' range and field is bigger and stronger.
Its a natural cause and action ... ATTRACTION.
The higher vibration changes the magnetic signatures of these places, and thus change the TIME [= affect the linear timeframe we are accustomed to].

Heating up of Earth is a natural event .. the whole solarsystem and beyond experiences it. "Heat" is linked to ACTIVATION,
and "cold" is linked to CAPTIVATION and slow-down.
A high percentage of neutrino's is linked to more interaction, thus friction/interaction, thus heat and transformation.

So do neutrino's activated AUgie ? --> Imo, yes ... but also the splashzones and our changes in RNA/DNA and chemical reactions in our body ....
Neutrino's and especially the energy-cloud they are part of, and which we travel trough, are linked to the Central Galactic Alignment that is ongoing and affects our part of the Universe.

"BEZERK is all about a primordial organism that has been activated to prepare earth, geologically and climatically for the the arrival of the Draco. People are all exited about disclosure and "Whoopi aliens are coming" but they don't realize only a few will have survived by the time the Draco get here and even then it wont be "heaven on earth". Its about the efforts of ODESSA to stop the growth of this organism's terraforming ability by directive 301/302 by freezing it and the OMEGA option. ODESSA is trying to induce a poleshift resulting in an ice age. From their analysts they have determined that more people will be able to survive and adapt in an iceage then compared to what the intent of the organism is. They are preparing all sorts of polar technologies to their infrastructure and military/vehicles/planes, especially their navy vessels(submarines) to operate when this polshift/iceage happens.
 Quoting: Aco

There is going to be a POLESHIFT anyway ! It is linked to the bulk of energy that will pass Earth when the Galactic Alignment is at its peak ... energy like a laser-beam will be passed trough planets and suns. And depending on the rotation and cycle a planet [or sun] is in, and the accompanied factors like near giant solarsystem-body's or giant comets etc, this will all effect the planet.
This could make Earth stop her rotation like in the times of the Egyptians [Herodotus] and also thousands of years before ...

Proof from [link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net] :
Herodotus relates his conversations with Egyptian priests on his visit to Egypt some time during the second half of the fifth century before the present era. Concluding the history of their people, the priests told him that the period following their first king covered three hundred and forty-one generations, and Herodotus calculated that, three generations being equal to a century, the whole period was over eleven thousand years. The priests asserted that within historical ages and since Egypt became a kingdom, "four times in this period (so they told me) the run rose contrary to his wont; twice he rose where he now sets, and twice he set where he now rises."
Pomponius Mela, a Latin author of the first century, wrote: "The Egyptians pride themselves on being the most ancient people in the world. In their authentic annals ... one may read that since they have been in existence, the course of the stars has changed directions four times, and that the sun has set twice in that part of the sky where it rises today."

In the Papyrus Ipuwer it is similarly stated that "the land turns round [over] as does a potter's wheel" and the "Earth turned upside down". This papyrus bewails the terrible devastation wrought by the upheaval of nature. In the Ermitage Papyrus (Leningrad, 1116b recto) also, reference is made to a catastrophe that turned the "land upside down; happens that which never (yet) had happened". It is assumed that at that time -- in the second millennium -- people were not aware of the daily rotation of the earth, and believed that the firmament with its luminaries turned around the earth; therefore, the expression, "the earth turned over", does not refer to the daily rotation of the globe.
Nor do these descriptions in the papyri of Leiden and Leningrad leave room for a figurative explanation of the sentence, especially if we consider the text of the Papyrus Harris -- the turning over of the earth is accompanied by the interchange of the south and north poles.

The texts found in the pyramids say that the luminary "ceased to live in the occident, and shines, a new one, in the orient".
In the tomb of Senmut, the architect of Queen Hatshepsut, a panel on the ceiling shows the celestial sphere with the signs of the zodiac and other constellations in "a reversed orientation" of the southern sky.
"A characteristic feature of the Senmut ceiling is the astronomically objectionable orientation of the southern panel." The center of this panel is occupied by the Orion-Sirius group, in which Orion appears west of Sirius instead of east. "The orientation of the southern panel is such that the person in the tomb looking at it has to lift his head and face north, not south." "With the reversed orientation of the south panel, Orion, the most conspicuous constellation of southern sky, appeared to be moving eastward, i.e., in the wrong direction."
The real meaning of "the irrational orientation of the southern panel" and the "reversed position of Orion" appears to be this: the southern panel shows the sky of Egypt as it was before the celestial sphere interchanged north and south, east and west. The northern panel shows the sky of Egypt as it was on some night of the year in the time of Senmut.

So a rotation reversal took place in Egyptian times ... was there an ICE-AGE recorded in Egyptian times ? --> Nope !

So ... does a poleshift has to result in an Ice-Age [like ODESSA is trying to induce according to Acolyte] ? --> NOPE !

The MECHANICS of a PLANET are linked to the mechanics of its sun [and so on and on ..]
Right now our planets magnetical field is changing and in some ways scientists say it is weakening. This affects the strongness of the Norht and South poles. If they weaken/change to much they will loose stability and break up in several littler magnetic poles untill the energy from the core and with the sun is restored, and new strong poles will establish at new coordinates, as is fitting for the energy and rotation of the Earth at that given time.
The splitting up in several smaller poles is a natural phenomenon.

IT IS UTTER B*llSH*t that any organisation could INDUCE AN ICE-AGE specially in case of such huge Galactic Events taking place as we are part of now !!!

Really, INDUCING AN ICE AGE ??? With Arctic/Antarctic ice melting like crazy ???

The part of what Acolyte sais that could hold truth is that ODESSA is indeed trying to "freeze" AUgie. Coz lowering temps is also lowering vibration and this would put AUgie in an other STATE they hope to prevent communication and interaction with other matter by that ...
What they forgot is that AUgie is a QUANTUM-organism, thus ALLWAYS will be linked and talking communicating with other parts that are not in FREEZE.
ODESSA forgets that it is linked with the energy of the Alignment and with the increased amount of neutrino's.

The only way to pull this off would be to cocoon Earth in a field that would prevent any signal in or out ... a kind of 'Faraday cage' around Earth. But this would result in the DIE-OFF of Earth, coz she needs the feedback of the Sun to stay healthy and A-LIVE.
The only solution would be an artificial motor/core system ....

On the other end we have China who are direct descendents from the Draco and have a specific bezerk gene sequence in them to help them survive the terraforming. China is the protector and propagator of this organism and have given a blueprint of events(briefcases on October 13th 2010) of how they want to establish their future global empire. This organism isn't anything like we've seen before, it can interact with all matter, dead or living, around it.
 Quoting: Acolyte

Yes AUgie can interact with all matter.
In fact DEAD-MATTER doesnt exists !
DEAD = inactive
MATTER = atoms with smaller parts circling around them.

We all just think that a stone is 'dead matter' cozit has no soul, and it is not living ... gold was thought to be not living also, but recently we learned that some bacteria could "melt"/"morph" the gold and bring it to different places AND we learned that some microbes make gold... So who sais that there are no bacteria living in stones and other bacteria ? The fact that we didnt witnessed it doesnt stand for proof, hence the gold !

AUgie interacts with ALL MATTER that VIBRATES !
Just like neutrino's do !

Just think back to what BHD told us about THE LIVING WATER/liquid in Vostok .... Able to create anything with INTENT ! (think hard and well about THOSE consequences !!! Those who are 'pure of intent' and what happens to/with those who are not ... )

People are also getting all exited about ascension, but from the C.H.A.N.I project the entity mentioned that Ascension is nothing more than A Massive Abduction on a Global Scale! So if they come and offer you to board their vessels with promises of the future. Don't go, you will be slaves and will not progress spiritually. You are on planet earth for a reason, stay here and wait for the REAL Ascension.
 Quoting: Acolyte

I agree with this ...
Just like I explained about the "EnLIghTEned" ... Ascention is just cutting loose ...
YOU and only YOU are your own master, .... no other entity can be a master over you, only if you LET THEM, and give your power away coz you dont believe in and stand for yur own identity and power.

This will also come when another group of aliens, which we call the "Silent Elders" arrive. They will not need any ships/spacecraft or vessels to get here. They will just manifest. For this to occur our solar system has to be in a specific alignment.
 Quoting: Acolyte

Partially true ...
It is also logic that when vibrations change [result of the Galactic Alignment of our Central Sun and the energy-boost generated by that event, and passed on and through by every involved heavenly body] that we will change and that our perceptions will change [***((We will becoming PERCEPTORS of a different Reality))***] and that we will be able to see dimensions and "matters" that we didnt saw before. It will be like discovering that beyond the 7 visible colors there are even more colors to detect :)
It will seem like THINGS WILL MANIFEST, ... but it is only that things will get into-our-range-of-perception (becoz we went from a golfball to a basketball ... lol....

(there are of course many more layers and dimensions to this info, so please use the above as only a tool to open up further discussion and research)
 Quoting: Acolyte

Here Acolyte states himself that it is a TOOL and has many more layers then can be read and seen at first sight ...
He repeatedly said also that his words are a composition of facts, fiction and code(s) ... some to be understood by us, and some only by others [= his colleagues and other Cells]

Just to answer a few questions from Voice Chat

- Augie is the organism in the oil and in saltwater(oceans) it uses/used oil as a conveyor.
- The organism's cousin is the one now targeting/forming in freshwater reservoirs/tables beneath the earth and surfacing via drilling(like in lake Vostok) or with flooding. Because of the Schumann resonance increase (moon shrinking) rising water tables are also rising(surfacing) forming ground/land based splashzones.
- Synthia is NOT the organism. Synthia is the result of various microbial mutations caused mainly by the use of chemicals like corexit and that "other" company who introduced the nano technology which I cant mention.
- SplashZones is where either the organism(ocean/saltwater) or its cousin(freshwater) surfaces in large quantities, covering a large enough surface area where enough of the receptors in the organism can receive "instructions" from the incoming rays. (From Solar or "from its masters". The SUN changes does play a large role in this. This is why China is incorporating their S.I.M technology to take advantage of the Sun/Solar changes)
- Empirical calibrators are used to neutralize splashzones, however, because of the swarmed intelligence of the organism it quickly adapts/changes its empirical quotient and starts again. This causes vessels using calibrators on board, like subs/ships to frequently go back to docks or to do "Romeos" to get higher/stronger "x" calibrators. The highest one from last reported data that I have, was already at x9.
 Quoting: Acolyte

-Augie is the organism in the oil and in saltwater
= We are composed more out of SALT WATER then out of fresh water ...
Our cells need OIL to communicate and stay healthy !!!
---> essential acids that help regulate communication between brain cells. Other sources of essential fatty acids include nuts, soybeans, walnut oil, olive oil, ...
So it isnt ODD and strange that also AUgie uses OIL as a conveyor.
Some oils function as an antioxidant in our body and other oils have other useful essential designations ... So why should it be different in Nature with Earth ?

-Because of the Schumann resonance increase forming ground/land based splashzones
= Like I said and explained : HertZ & Schumann increase linked with neutrino's, AUgie and splashzones !

-Synthia is NOT the organism. Synthia is the result of various microbial mutations caused mainly by the use of chemicals like corexit and that "other" company who introduced the nano technology which I cant mention.
= Referring to VENTER. And indeed Synthia is NOT AUgie ! they are structural and basical different !

-SplashZones is where either the organism(ocean/saltwater) or its cousin(freshwater) surfaces in large quantities, covering a large enough surface area where enough of the receptors in the organism can receive "instructions" from the incoming rays. (From Solar or "from its masters". The SUN changes does play a large role in this.
= As I explained : neutrino's from the Sun [linked ith the Central Sun] and from the Cloud we are travelling through interact with matter. Also other factors play a role in the changing magnetics on the upper part of Earth's crust.
Besides local magnetic changes this has also local quantum changes as a result. "Local" coz the overall-strenght is not yet strong enough to set-off a new grid. When enough places are experiencing this it will be as "the 100th-monkey" and it will be incorperated by Nature and the morphogenetic field as something we experience as Natural.
If the vibration of an organism [any organism] is high enough, its RECEPTORS will PROCESS the changes in its environment and respond to it ... Its like recieving new data and an upgrade of our biological blueprint .... [***Process-RECEPTORS >>> Preceptors***]

-because of the swarmed intelligence of the organism it quickly adapts/changes its empirical quotient and starts again
= seemingly "swarmed intelligence" becoz the entanglement abilities and quantum abilities & properties, it can link with any other PURE-sample in the Galaxy and reset itself to its original settings and blueprint.
Just logic !!!

From Acolyte's Final burst:
"This "substance" is 100x more toxic then anything known in chemical science that is currently available in the public domain. It is however speculated that the "substance" is at least 30x more toxic then anything in classified military and biowarfare labs.
The "substance" can effect/interact with every organic and inorganic "matter".: on a molecular/atomic and DNA(for living matter) level. It effects both- living and non living "subject matter". From annalists reports it is clear that the new "substance" has alarming reanimation properties.;; "dead" matter can become "living" matter.. some started to send out frequencies as was the case with artifacts in the vatican and other museums; From close Chinese sources we have learned of three[3] exceptions. 1) The first is of course H20(water) which seem to be some kind of catalyst::

(snipped rest)
 Quoting: Acolyte

They CALL it "TOXIC", coz it interacts with everything they know. They dont see it for what BHD has described it to be : 1 of the ingredients to create life and blueprints ... with INTENT and CONSCIOUSNESS !
This is the liquid WE are composed of and which is an [unseen quantum-] ingredient IN every chemical element and combination.
Ofcourse they see it as the alternate ultimate BIOWARFARE substance !!! >> Only becoz they cant COMMUNICATE with it and WORK with it [=symbiosis of working with to make it work].
The reanimation is the result of the RNA capacities and the Quantum properties.
That some artefacts started to send out frequencies, is becoz this SUBSTANCE makes things RESONATE on the same level ! It AWAKENS and RE-ACTIVATES dormant and forgotten [but stored] vibrations ... thus RE-ACTIVATES MEMORY !!!!
And with THAT MEMORY we can transform and RESONATE BACK to our original form ... with acces to our full brain-capacity and body-capacity !!!

WATER is an important element together with The Substance [we call AUgie]. Though AUgie is quantum and liquid/crystalline, it is NOT the SAME as WATER. (Although BHD called it "Life giving Water, or abiotic water ... in his search to names to make it more comprehensible)

As you see many things have been explained by research and logisc and science.
Some things have been explained to be BS,
and other containing truth ...

I hope it helped :)

[***Lol Pre/Per I think I cracked your name-code accidentally hahahaha ...
Do tell me if you resonate with my interpretation ?***]

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