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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
A thunderbolt, on striking a magnet, reverses the poles of the magnet. The terrestrial globe is a huge magnet. A short circuit between it and another celestial body could result in the north and south magnetic poles of the earth exchanging places.

The beam released from the conjunction and alignment of the Central Galactic Sun is like a HUGE thunderbolt !!!

"Examination of magnetization of some igneous rocks reveals that they are polarized oppositely from the prevailing present direction of the local magnetic field and many of the older rocks are less strongly magnetized than more recent ones. On the assumption that the magnetization of the rocks occurred when the magma cooled and that the rocks have held their present positions since that time, this would indicate that the polarity of the Earth has been completely reversed within recent geological times."
[A. McNish, "On Causes of the Earth's Magnetism and Its Changes" in TERRESTRIAL MAGNETISM AND ELECTRICITY, ed. by Fleming, p. 326.]

The reversed polarity of lava indicates that in recent geological times the magnetic poles of the globe were reversed; when they had a very different orientation, abundant flows of lava took place.
Magnetic reversal (position of the magnetic poles) can take place WITHOUT rotation reversal (direction of rotation of the globe).

More proof of rotation reversal without an ICE-age :
"Heat was generated by the earth's contact with another celestial body; the earth was removed to an orbit farther from the sun; the polar regions were displaced; oceans and seas evaporated and the vapors precipitated as snow on new polar regions and in the higher latitudes in a long Fimbul-winter and formed new ice sheets; the axis on which the earth rotated pointed in a different direction, and the order of the seasons was disturbed."

Thats why under the Ice at the Arctics/current poles there are pyramids and evidence of tropical vegetations ... This happened almost overnight, and not in a few hundreds or thousands of years !

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