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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thanks for refreshing our thoughts on the story PrePer, purely from the OP's perspective.

Stepping back from the 'story' then for a bit.

If 'something' went bezerk... then the something was a known quantity.

Sheer fact it has a name, says that peeps knew about it prior.

Such a complex name means a great deal of study went in to the 'situation'.

To proclaim that something 'has' indeed gone bezerk, and in the Gulf of Mexico, means that someone has been monitoring the Earth for a period of time to check whether something has indeed gone bezerk.

How long has this been known then? How long, and who, has been monitoring this situation.

That the official thread and input fell a part, says to me that there was so much internal speculation on what the true ramifications to Humans and the planet were, that no-one could decide on a course of action, or a course of discussion. As above, so below? more a sideways action...

So, again, this did NOT start with the DWH.

The story had to then be dreamed up long before hand, and the radical attempt to enlist unsecured (insecure?? LOL) minds to lend their thoughts to gain an outcome ended up in the same boat that those behind the veil ultimately ended up at.

Was it all real? was it an exercise in marketing and creating a dynamic ongoing revenue stream for a group of people? Was it a psyop? - or as Nex' would say, all of the above?

Hope that finger isnt getting too sore from all the deleting.

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