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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
British ExxonMobil oil executive shot dead in Belgium in assassination-style killing as he left restaurant with wife

[link to www.mirror.co.uk]
 Quoting: Cosmos5491 26343900

Thanks for that info Cosmos, I was about to post it but, you beat me to it!

This news happens to be coincidental with the recent appointment of the new CEO of BP, previously having to flee Russia and go into hiding for whatever reason, which is equally mysterious.

Meantime here is another snip, adding further weight to the new "WOW WOW WOW" site just referred to and giving us another perspective from which to judge to the Gulf oil disaster.

Over 30 months later, the oil spill has destroyed the welfare, livelihoods, health and futures of tens of millions of Gulf Coast residents, not to mention the destruction of the fragile ecology in the Gulf of Mexico.

Originally, BP was ordered to initiate $20 billion in restitution to the Gulf Coast victims. In retrospect, BP has never made full restitution to the victims. The overall physical health of the region has been decimated and the mainstream media and government officials reaching as high as President Obama have been complicit in covering up the geological and medical magnitude of the event. Even to this day, BP is still covertly carpet bombing Corexit in the Gulf and the much of the environmental catastrophe remains untouched by the BP cleanup crews.

This new series will expose the fact that BP, Halliburton, Goldman Sachs, Transocean and David Rockefeller’s and the Queen of England’s New York City for Profit members had foreknowledge and hedged their stock market bets in anticipation of the event. In other words, I will present incontrovertible evidence that this event was planned in order to achieve multiple goals in order to further agenda of certain special interests. Further, this series will also expose the fact that President Obama profited to the tune of $85 million in advance of the spill because of his brokers foreknowledge of the impending catastrophe in the Gulf. Additionally, this series will demonstrate that the events in the Gulf are part of a depopulation scheme and many of the residents of the Gulf will be eventually be evacuated, most likely to FEMA re-education camps. Readers will also learn that the ongoing nature of this false flag event will culminate in a total transition of the American economy to a cap and trade system administered by the Chicago Climate Exchange which was created by Obama and Valerie Jarrett several years ago which culminated in Obama, a supposed outsider, captured the Presidency with no real political experience. The Great Gulf Coast Holocaust was an event which was designed for Obama, being at the right place at the right time, to usher in the de-industrialization of America and in furtherance of a depopulation scheme.
Starting at the beginning, it was clear that BP was going to be used as the fall guy in order to usher a new set of dynamics to the Gulf. However, the powers that be provided BP with a “soft landing” with regard to the potential punitive actions brought against BP.

Every story has a beginning, so let’s review how, what will prove to be the biggest flase flag event in the history of the planet, unfolded.

The first order of business was to use this event to destroy the fishing industry in the Gulf in order to pave the way for the proliferation of algae farms, the next biofuel scam, in the Gulf. BP and their front man, Ken Feinberg, did a magnificent job in making sure the majority of the Gulf residents, impacted by the tragedy, were never made whole. This is the same Ken Feinberg who was in charge of denying medical coverage to 9/11 first responders. At the same time, BP shamelessly used the event to falsely promote its generosity toward the residents of the Gulf by providing full restitution for tiny minority of residents, thus restoring its public image.

Following the Gulf oil spill, there was a collective mainstream media frenzy which focused on how well BP was responding to the crisis. This was accompanied by BP’s incessant public service announcements in which the oil giant would feature one of their “average” employees professing to being a “local” in which they vowed, on behalf of BP, “to not leave until we make it right.”

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